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The Basics of Carpet Cleaning

1You might find surprising is the fact that there are actually more ways to clean your carpet than there are types of it in the world.

For everyday carpet cleaning needs, you are only required to know the basics. Here are the basic methods:


You might find this unbelievable, but using a broom can clean your carpet. Just like cleaning your hardwood or tile flooring. Keep in mind that when choosing a broom to clean your carpet, choose the regular broom instead of a deck broom. A regular broom gives you more control while you are cleaning the carpet, though you are going to need to use a little more energy in doing your each sweeping stroke to get that dirt away. Be careful while doing this, as you can easily lose control and end up breaking something.


A vacuum is standard equipment for cleaning your carpets. In fact, it can be easily understood that a vacuum cleaner was made for carpets. So, when using your vacuum to clean the carpets in your home, be sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each vacuum cleaner has their own settings for different types of carpets.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are also a great way to clean your carpet, especially if you are on a tight budget. These handy cleaning tools can be rented for a DIY solution. Carefully follow the directions that come with the equipment. For an easier option call a professional steam carpet cleaner, who will know the exact way to give your carpet the best clean.

Steams cleaning removes the dirt and build up from your carpet without using any chemicals or leaving harsh residue behind in your carpet. Professional steam carpet cleaning will increase the life of your carpet by removing sand and dirt that can be abrasive and destroy your carpet over time.


Shampoo cleaners are available to buy or rent on an hourly or daily basis. Be sure to CAREFULLY follow the directions that come with the machine, or otherwise you’ll find some sticky residue on the carpet (that is not good for your carpet) and wonder where it came from. Do not over wet your carpet or it will rot.

Country Life Carpet Care is a specialist in carpet cleaning services. Call us now for more information on our services.

5 tips to be ahead for Summer cleaning

carpet cleaning by country life carpet careSummer is here and you want to enjoy the most of it. Cleaning is necessary due to the list of activities to do. From family, friends or relatives visiting, to Saturday barbecue, or to your kids’ playtime in your house, everything should be ready and cleaned.

To make things a little easier on your part, we have 5 tips to help you keep your house in its best condition this time of year.

1.      Organise Your Wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe should be the first step to organizing the rest of your home. You should get rid of all those unused clothing and accessories. Your wardrobe will look even more appealing, you’ll be able to find something great to wear without hours of searching.

 2.      Caring tips for your Wooden Floors

The best way to keep your wooden floors at their best is to avoid over-sanding.

To reduce the chance of marks and grooves that need to be sanded use:

  • Mats and rugs on entrances of your house and busy areas reduces sand particles from entering your house
  • Place trivets or saucers under plants bases to prevent sand or soil from touching your floor surface
  • Use of furniture protectors can avoid scratches and marks
  • Damp-mopping once a week ( or as needed) with water only keeps your wooden floor’s shine

3.      Reorganize your bookshelves

  • Sort all your books in the bookshelves according to sizes and subjects.
  • Arrange books in a vertically or horizontally rhythmic pattern. This will give a unique look on your bookshelves and can become a feature.
  • Pack into boxes and store any books that you have outgrown (particularly children’s books) or just don’t use anymore.
  • Remove any clutter

4.      Cleaning your Carpet

To keep your carpets looking at their best, a nice suggestion from Country Life Carpet Care will come very handy:  “Take off shoes when you get home, but leave the socks on because walking around with bare feet leaves marks of body oils that attract dirt.”

Vacuuming once a week, more often in traffic areas as needed also ensures your carpet look nice and clean. Get your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year, but once you see your carpets are dirty, call Country Life Carpet Care, for fast and professional carpet cleaning.

5.      Caring for Your Tile flooring

Cleaning your bathroom, kitchen and room tiles with a cleaner that has “neutral pH” on it ensures good quality tile floors after the session. You can also mix your own home-made tile cleaner by adding 1/2 cup baking soda in 2 litres water. Mix it well. Apply the liquid solution on your tile flooring using a clean mop and mop off.

For grout and tough stains, call Country Life Carpet Care. We are your local carpet and tiles specialist. We have the necessary products to ensure your carpet and tiles look best during the summer season. Call us now!

5 Tips to keep your tiles clean

tilesYour floor is one of the most valuable investments in your home. It gives beauty to your home and adds value to the whole property. Tiles can be a large investment, especially if you hire a professional to do the job. This is why; taking care of your flooring should be given high priority so you can get the floors full life and still look great.

Country Life Carpet Cleaning shares these useful 5 tips to keep your tiles clean:

1.      Prevention

Prevention is always the best first line of defense against harmful elements that could damages your beautiful floor. By controlling dirt and sand which can enter your house, tile cleaning is easier. As much as possible, reduce the amount of dirt that enters your house by placing a door mat in front of your door entrance and add another indoor mat just inside your house. Two wipes should take 90% of the dirt carried by foot wears.

2.      Pets Off

As much as every one of us loves a clean and shiny floor to step on, your pets love it too. But pets can’t be taught to wipe their paws on the floor mats that you place in your porch and door front. They bring in dirt and sand particles which could scratch your floor’s surface. Their nails too can cause scratches in your tile floors.

Solution to this is to maybe restrict your pet to one area of your house and ensure proper grooming or you can choose to keep them outside your house.

3.      Keep chemicals and certain solutions out of reach of your kids

Abrasive and concentrated chemical or solutions can cause stains in your tile floors. Keep them out of reach of you kids to avoid this scene.

4.       Use Rugs in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest place in your house. This is where cooking occurs and the potential for spills and slops. Rugs can keep those unnoticed oil drips. With rugs, you can also do a spot cleaning when liquid ingredients fell or spill on the tile floor.

Beware not to create a trip hazard.

5.       No smoking

Make your house a smoke free one. Do not allow cigarette smoking inside your house as it could cause burns on you tile floor when cigarette butts suddenly fell on it. If this can’t be avoided, using an ashtray will be your best option.

Generally, maintaining a clean tile floor can be easily achieved when all family members cooperate.

Country Life Carpet Cleaning is your local tile floors specialist. For problems regarding your tile floor, call us instantly and we’d be more willing to offer your   professional help.

How to have a healthy house?

2A healthy house starts from the ground up with clean tiles! Yes, that is true! Cleanliness is determined by how your surroundings appear, from your floors to your walls.

Whether it’s in your living room, family room or bedroom, tiles have been the most cost-effective solution to having a clean and shiny floor and walls. That is because, aside from its natural clean look, it is very easy to clean and maintain. To have a healthy house would mean serious dedication to its cleanliness and orderliness. Being so, everyone that lives on it will enjoy a healthy living.

But, maintaining the cleanliness in your home is not an easy task at all. In fact, disappointments and discouragements can easily come from dirty surfaces of your tiles which even with general cleaning won’t show any sign progress. That’s residual dirt! It is not good for your tiles as well as for your family’s health.

Scrubbing and applying different cleaning solutions to your tiles is not recommended because it will damage the surface of your tiles. Hot water and a microfiber cloth is the best option. If you have a lot of dirt build up a mild detergent will be all you will need or ask advice from a professional.

Did you know Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC) is your local professional tile cleaners? They have the necessary knowledge to clean your tiles and bring them back to their sparkling best. They also have neutral cleaners which are the best solution to maintain your tiles cleanliness.

A prompt, reliable tile and grout cleaning service for your home and business is what you get from CLCC. Your tiles will lighten up from the removal of dirt you never knew existed and on the tiles you thought were clean. Watch the grout return to the original colour and your tiles really sparkle. Nothing cleans your tile better than a professional clean from CLCC

Call Country Life Carpet Care now to discuss your tile needs today. Also ask for more information regarding cleaning products that will suit best to your tiles.

A clean house is a healthy house!

7 Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Cute Cat
7 Upholstery Cleaning Tips
To keep your Upholstery in great condition regular cleaning is important, not only for the appearance but the life of your furniture (either fabric or leather).

  • Always wipe up spills quickly.
  • Blot with water only.
  • Dust your furniture regularly and wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, perspiration etc.
  • To help prevent fading don’t place furniture is areas that receive direct sunlight in order to minimize fading.
  • Avoid placing newspapers on your upholstered furniture.
  • Rotate and rearrange your cushions often for even wear.
  • Have fabric protection applied to your upholstered and leather furniture.

Most things will come off easily but we are happy to come and do a spot clean if you get caught out.

Here at Country Life Carpet Care we use a water injection / extraction system for fabric cleaning which cleans and freshens the fabric. We use high quality chemicals which ensure a great result. We can also apply a fabric protector after the cleaning process.


We use a 3 step cleaning process which cleans and then conditions and protects the leather.
We also clean car carpets and upholstery and caravan carpets and upholstery, and mattresses.

Call Country Life Carpet Care for all your carpet and tile cleaning needs today on 1800 246 404

10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

1. Pet hair can be a problem in carpets if not removed frequently by thorough vacuuming. If not vacuumed regularly the hair builds up in the pile of the carpet and can’t be removed by carpet cleaning alone. This then becomes very expensive process to rectify.

2. Pet urine needs to be dealt with immediately as it can soak through the carpet. Blot up as much as possible, clean with cold water and call your carpet cleaning technician.

3. If treated quickly and correctly this is a minor problem. If you ignore the problem it will not go away as the area under the carpet will stay wet and may damage the carpet, underlay and the floor / skirting boards.

4. It is worth considering asking Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC) to include a deodorising treatment, when your carpet is being cleaned to neutralise any unpleasant odours.

5. Regular thorough vacuuming of carpets is recommended to remove imbedded dirt and grit.

6. Mats and rugs can help in high traffic areas and in entry areas to the house. Remember mats and rugs need regular vacuuming as well.

7. Treat any spills immediately by removing excess with paper towel and then blotting with cold water only. Do not be tempted to try anything else as this may set the stain. Contact Country Life Carpet Care as soon as possible for advice.

8. If you have a wet / dry vacuum cleaner be very careful not to overwet carpets as this can cause damage and discolouration to the carpets.

9. Be careful when carrying household cleaners across carpeted areas. The bleaches in these products can permanently remove the colour from your carpet.

10. If placing pot plants directly onto carpeted areas, place a protective mat underneath to prevent discolouration and rotting of the carpet.

Carpet Protection is another service to consider as the application of this will help to protect against food stains and spills.
For advice on carpet cleaning and more tips contact CLCC today.

Happy Customer

“Thankyou for cleaning my carpet this morning. It looks as good as when we first got it!
Spick and span! Great job.

I would like to book to get my lounge done now. Thanks again!”
Michelle from Bunbury


Clean Tiles Clean House!

Clean tiles and floors always make you feel good.Clean tiles

Dirty tiles and grout are caused by the build up of dirty water from mops, footwear and spills.

We recommend that after your tile have been cleaned to use a microfibre cloth and water only for cleaning. It is also important to maintain the tiles with a neutral cleaner at regular intervals. We can advise you on the correct product for the job.

Always wipe up spills quickly as this will stop stains seeping in to the grout. Sealing the grout will eliminate a lot of this problem.