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10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

1. Pet hair can be a problem in carpets if not removed frequently by thorough vacuuming. If not vacuumed regularly the hair builds up in the pile of the carpet and can’t be removed by carpet cleaning alone. This then becomes very expensive process to rectify.

2. Pet urine needs to be dealt with immediately as it can soak through the carpet. Blot up as much as possible, clean with cold water and call your carpet cleaning technician.

3. If treated quickly and correctly this is a minor problem. If you ignore the problem it will not go away as the area under the carpet will stay wet and may damage the carpet, underlay and the floor / skirting boards.

4. It is worth considering asking Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC) to include a deodorising treatment, when your carpet is being cleaned to neutralise any unpleasant odours.

5. Regular thorough vacuuming of carpets is recommended to remove imbedded dirt and grit.

6. Mats and rugs can help in high traffic areas and in entry areas to the house. Remember mats and rugs need regular vacuuming as well.

7. Treat any spills immediately by removing excess with paper towel and then blotting with cold water only. Do not be tempted to try anything else as this may set the stain. Contact Country Life Carpet Care as soon as possible for advice.

8. If you have a wet / dry vacuum cleaner be very careful not to overwet carpets as this can cause damage and discolouration to the carpets.

9. Be careful when carrying household cleaners across carpeted areas. The bleaches in these products can permanently remove the colour from your carpet.

10. If placing pot plants directly onto carpeted areas, place a protective mat underneath to prevent discolouration and rotting of the carpet.

Carpet Protection is another service to consider as the application of this will help to protect against food stains and spills.
For advice on carpet cleaning and more tips contact CLCC today.