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How to have pets and a tile floor?

Having pets and tiles in your home.Tile floors are a great asset in your home. They play an important role in making our home more comfortable, easy to clean and beautiful to look at. Keeping tiles clean is not difficult and with regular maintenance will allow you to get the full long life of your tile flooring.

Pets and tile floors

Pets are great; they make wonderful companions and help to enrich our lives. We can play with them, feed them, take care of them and in return they give us unconditional love and care too.

When you have your pet inside you need to plan ahead so that there are not any problems with your pets and the tile floor.

Cleaning and maintenance of tile floors

When it comes to cleaning or maintaining your tile floor, the first thing you should look for is what causes dirt and prevent scratches to its surface.

  1. Scratches on your tiles– Pets have sharp nails (claws) on their paws which can scratches on the surface of your tile.

Solution – regularly trim your pet’s nails or claw or in the case of a cat teach them to pull their claws in when walking on the tiles.

  1. Pets urinating inside, this can cause stain or yellowish blot on tile floor with a bonus of unfriendly odour.

Solution – Toilet training your pet. Teach them to go outside or use the little box when they want to go to the toilet. This training can take a lot of time, effort and patience but once completed will be a life skill for your pet.

  1. Dirt brought in with your pet.

Solution Have door mats that your entry door. Train your pets you to walk over them as they come in. You can’t train them to wipe their paws on the door mats as they come in but some of the sand with be wiped off as they come over the mats.

If your pet is too dirty, don’t let them in.

Regular cleaning of your tiles

No matter how hard you try dry, sand and grime will come in with your pets and on the feet of family members. Doing a small amount of cleaning regularly will prevent this being a big job.

  1. Mop up any spills immediately you see them.
  2. Sweep up and sand or dirt you see regularly.
  3. Vacuum your floor taking particular care with the edges once a week.
  4. Mop your tiles after you have vacuumed to remove all surface dirt that could scratch your floor. Use hot water and a soft headed mop to clean your tiles.
  5. Check for any signs of wear or scratches and have these problems dealt with immediately before they become something big.
  6. Get your tiles professionally cleaned once a year to really make sure your tiles remain in top condition.

Pets are lovely and are a wonderful part of your family, with a little bit of thought and by following these simple tasks you will have beautiful floors for many years to come.

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