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How to remove carpet stains from your carpet!

carpet3Installing carpets inside your home is one of the most common additions you can ever do. Carpets make your home look “homey” and are great insulators. They are soft against your feet and provide warmth especially during the colder months. With their elegance and stylish feel, we love carpets in our homes!

Carpets are a traditional flooring that needs to be properly maintained. They are susceptible to spills, dust and stains.

It’s easier to keep your carpet clean from spills and dust. For spills dab dry with a soft cloth and then let it dry and use a vacuum cleaner for dust. But, things can be quite different for stains. If you happened to spill a glass of red wine or a plate of mouth watering food over your carpet, that’s when your carpet stains problems starts.

How to remove carpet stains from your carpet

A stained carpet is not nice to look at and depending on the stain can cause an unhealthy and  foul ordour. For this, you have to act fast and remove carpet stains immediately. Thinking of using water and detergent? Sadly, carpet stains require more than that, but don’t worry, there are ways on how you can get rid of carpet stains effectively.

To remove the stain on your carpet

  • Act immediately
  • Pat with a paper towel to remove all excess (Be careful not to spread it any further)
  • Contact a professional carpet cleaner for advice on particular stain

Beware of spot carpet cleaning products

You can find many different spot carpet cleaning products at the supermarket but please beware when using these products as most contain a bleaching agent and may cause damage to your carpet, especially coloured carpets. Home remedies can also damage the fibres of your carpet.

Seek advice from a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Carpet cleaning professionals

Does your whole carpet need a good cleaning from stains? Consider hiring professionals. They know how to remove stain properly without damaging your carpet.

Contact Country Life Carpet Care we are happy to help and if needed we can clean your carpet for you.

Easy Carpet Maintenance Tips

carpet cleaning by country life carpet careCarpets are always a great addition to our home. It is very cost-effective considering it adds grace and beauty to your floors.
Country Life Carpet Care share easy carpet maintenance tips for homeowners:

Facts and Maintenance Tips

  • Regular vacuuming is the most important thing you can do to maintain cleanliness in your carpet.
  • Unexpected spills on your carpet should be treated by mopping up the water straight away with a tea towel, towel or an absorbent cloth.
  • Spot cleaning your carpet with chemicals is not recommended as it can change the colour of your carpet and affect the quality or the fibres. For serious spills like coffee, red wine, ink etc call the professionals for advice as soon as possible.

Colour Choosing Tips

  • Choosing a colour theme for your home is always a matter of personal preference. Choose the colour that best suits your needs or that defines your personality and character.
  • Choose carpet with patterns that suits the need of your room or its location. A carpet with floral design is great for soothing and relaxing environment; best for bedrooms or study rooms.
  • When it comes to colour shades, proportion is very important. Always follow the 60:30:10 rule which implies 60% on the main colour, 30% for the supporting colour tone and 10% for the shading colour. This combination will give you the best effect.

Health Tips

  • Wool is renewable, natural and takes few chemicals to process it. This makes it more sustainable than other synthetic alternatives.
  • Wool-rich carpets are naturally flame resistant.
  • Surveys have proven that, air quality in carpeted rooms better than in any room with smooth floors. Carpets trap dust, mites and allergen making the atmosphere inside a room cleaner.

Comfort Facts

Nothing can replace the feeling of stepping on a rich carpet with bare feet as you wake up early in the morning on a cold winters day. It is a heaven-like comfort under your feet.

Wool-rich carpets offer extra coziness, cool in warmer months and warm in cooler months.

Country Life Carpet Care specialist in carpet care and maintenance. We are also offer quality carpets and floor cleaning services. Call us now for more information!

How to choose the perfect carpet colour for your home!

1You have decided to purchase a carpet. Carpets are a great addition to your home. They can make your home elegant, stylish and simply amazing. Now to choose the colour!

Choosing the right colour

Carpets makes your home truly wonderful, but choosing the right colour for your carpet is a big decision and sometimes, difficult. There are a wide range of carpet colours and textures available. You might be tempted to choose your favourite colour for your carpet, but then, you have to take note that your carpet colour can affect the appearance the room and what furnishing you will add.

With this in mind, you need to be extra careful when choosing. There are also things that you need to consider such as:

  • Your personality
  • How you use your space
  • Your other furnishings
  • What type of message you want to convey

Different colours express different feelings and emotions. The most beautiful white carpet will not last long in the children’s playroom no matter how fabulous it look when it is new!

Want to make a big room cosy?

Do you have a big room and you want to make it homely. If you are looking for that cozy warm feeling even from a big room, you can choose carpets with the colour blue or green. These colours are often thought to have a calming effect. Earth colours can also help make a large room feel smaller and more intimate.

Always match your carpet colour

If your furniture is dark in colour, choose a carpet with light to moderate colour to brighten up your room and create balance. Often too much of the same colour can overpower your room.

If you have skylights or lots of windows where sun ray can enter, medium or dark shade of carpet may be a suitable option for you.

Play it safe

If all else fails, choose beige. It is the safest colour. It goes well with any types of colour. You really can’t go wrong with beige. Ask your carpet shop if you can bring home some carpet samples and place them in your room over the weekend and see how you feel!

Once you have decided on your beautiful carpet and had it laid, remember a year professional steam clean will keep it in tip top condition. For your carpet needs, contact Country Life Carpet Care. Call us now on 1800 246 404 for more information!