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How to spring clean your tile floors

Clean TilesAs the weather gets warmer and spring is here so time for a cleanup. When spring cleaning, it’s a wise to start with one area at a time. Today’s mission is to clean your floor tiles.

Cleaning floor tiles

When thinking of cleaning your floors, don’t forget your tiles. Having a clean and sparkling floor tile can improve the look and feel of your whole home. Now that spring is here, spring cleaning your home is important. You’ll never know when your friends drop in and the party season is here. Always be ready for times like this, start spring cleaning your tile floors!

Floor tiles are great and beautiful. They add a touch of elegance to your home, especially when they are sparklingly clean. Work on making your floor tiles shining and shimmering with cleanliness. Spring is already here? No problem! It’s never too late to spring clean your tile floors.

Here are some supplies you will need:

  • Vacuum
  • Nylon pan scraper
  • Mop
  • Floor cleaner

Now you are ready to start, here’s what to do:

  • Sweep your floor tiles. This will remove the dust, dirt and other debris found on your floor. Better yet, pull out the vacuum and suck it up! It makes cleaning easier!
  • Next, remove sticky substances, if there are any, by carefully using your nylon pan scraper.
  • Finally, mop with your favourite floor cleaner, make sure it is a natural one because harsh bleaches and chemicals can wreck the surface of your tile and grout. If in doubt, do a test spot behind the door first and remember to read the instructions on the cleaner.  Get down on your knees so you can really see if there are remaining dirt on your tile floor. You can also use a cleaner that is suggested by the professional in order to protect your tile floors.

Follow the steps carefully. Each step will get you closer to a cleaner, shinier home just perfect for the spring season!

Don’t have the time to do the cleaning on your own? Grout is still looking dirty even after a good scrub? Domestic cleaning will not always get all the dirt and stains off, especially if it has been a while since your floors were cleaned well.

There is help!

Call Country Life Carpet Care, we offer a professional tile clean, carpet cleaning, upholstering cleaning and vinyl floor cleaning service. We’ll make your gorgeous tile, shiny and sparkle again and we can even seal your grout to a long lasting finish. Ring us now and we’ll spring clean your floor tiles for you!

Why clean your carpet all year round?

Cute dog on clean carpetAs the weather gets warmer, most of us are heading outdoors. Perfect time of year for spending your day outside and enjoy the warm weather. The great view, warm sun, soft breeze, what’s not to like outside? Spring lets you enjoy the great outdoors, but lets you forget what needs to be done inside. The outdoors might look inviting, but at  the end of the day, you still find comfort inside your home.

Spring cleaning time it is!

If you want to be comfortable inside your home after a full day’s fun camping, fishing or just enjoying being outside, start with cleaning your carpet. A clean home starts from the floor up.

Clean your carpet all year round:

  • Prolongs the life of your carpet
  • Protects indoor air quality
  • Protects your carpet from being damaged
  • Enhances the appearance of any room

Prolongs the life of your carpet

Carpets are a big investment and you don’t want to have to replace your carpet before it’s time. It’s important to have your carpet cleaned at least annually or more often if it needs it. Regular carpet cleaning can increase the life of your carpet and keep your home healthy.

Protects indoor air quality

Carpets trapped airbourne pollutants, dirt, pollens and dust mites. You can get rid your carpet of these pollutants and allergens by having it professionally cleaned. A clean carpet produces a fresh smell throughout your whole home and will help maintain quality indoor air.

Regular carpet cleaning prevents build up of bacteria which can affect your whole family especially your children. When your children are happily playing you want it to be on a clean carpet that won’t affect their health.

Protects your carpet from being damaged

Regularly cleaning your carpet can help you get rid of stains and spots easily. Remember, the longer the stain sits, the harder they are to be removed. Cleaning your carpet removes stains and protects carpeting from being damaged. Over time dirt and dust falls to the bottom of your carpet beginning trapped deep down on the base of your carpet. The constant foot traffic and pressure causes this dirt to rub against the fibres of your carpet  like sandpaper and this action will wear your carpet away and reduce its life span. Normal vacumming can’t get deep enough into your carpet to remove all this dirt and grit from your carpet.

Enhances the appearance of any room

When you need a good place to relax, why don’t you invite your friends inside? A clean, well maintained carpet speaks overall cleanliness of your home, giving your guests a clean, hygienic and beautiful environment to enjoy.

Cleaning your carpet is essential to your health and the ambience of your home Have your carpets professionally cleaned now and you will be ready this perfect spring weather.

Contact Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC) we are your floor cleaning professionals, from carpet steam cleaning, tile cleaning, vinyl cleaning right through to upholstery cleaning we are the cleaning company for you. Call us now and enjoy the spring without worrying about how clean your carpet is.

Clean carpet, great start to your spring clean!

CLCC offers free quotes all year round. Call today on 1800 246 404 or 0407 246 403


Why carpet cleaning is important?

before and after carpet cleaningAs soon as the wind starts to get warm and the sun begins to peek out, spring cleaning begins. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather and the great outdoors. As you get ready to invite guests to your home, it’s time for some spring cleaning done.

Start with cleaning your carpet

After winter, the springtime weather lets you open your doors and windows and let in a little fresh air. Over winter dust and dirt accumulate inside, being brought in on your shoes, clothes and pets. These particles end up being deposited on your carpet. A good vacuum will remove most of the surface dirt and dust, but over time it will fall to the base of your carpet, which is hard to remove with your domestic vacuum cleaner. To keep your carpet in tip top condition you really need to get it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Why clean your carpet?

You know that a carpet is a great addition to your home. It is more than just a functional item, it

  • Make our home look nice
  • Keeps your cold floor warm
  • Add a decorative element to your décor
  • Is nice to walk on in bare feet

It’s more comfortable to watch your favourite TV show or sit in the floor while feeling the soft and warm fibre of your carpet in your toes, isn’t it? However, you really want your carpet to be clean too.

Your carpet needs to be clean regularly to keep it in good condition and get the full life of your investment.

Regular carpet cleaning is a must to prevent health problems

Bacteria and dust mites can live in dirty carpets and they can trigger some health issues and allergies. Cleaning your carpet can remove these unwanted bacteria and other dirt that resides in your carpet is essential

Your carpet is expensive

You spend a few hundred dollars on your carpet, so why shorten its life by letting it get dirty or stained? Don’t let dirt and dust ruin your lovely investment. Maintain your carpet’s look and quality by cleaning it regularly.

Having your carpets cleaned professionally will increase the life of your carpet and put your mind at ease.

Spring cleaning your carpet, book your professional carpet clean with Country Life Carpet Care, your local professional in Bunbury and surrounds. We can clean your carpet for you and that is one thing off your spring cleaning list. We also do tiles, vinyl floors and upholstery cleaning so why not get a free quote then you will really be ready for spring.


How to clean tile and grout properly

  • Tiles - Before and after tile cleaningAre your tiles getting out of hand?
  • You clean and clean and your tiles still look dirty?

Your tile floors are designed to last for many years, but over time the tiles and grout can get dirty. One of the worst parts of having a beautiful tile floor, is that the grout holds the dirt and gets stained. Do you have dark, mildew stains which are often found in grout lines, especially in bathroom and wet environment?

Clean the dirty grout right away

Regular vacuuming  and mopping your tile floor is not enough. Over time dirt and stains, build up on your grout and tiles and regular household cleaning won’t budge it. Everyday cleaning doesn’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Remember, there’s more to a dirty grout that what meet your eyes.

How to clean tile and grout properly!

When cleaning your dirty grout, here’s what you need to know:

Clean the  tile grout first

Be sure to give your tile grout a thorough cleaning. Use an eco friendly solution such as white vinegar or baking soda. Yes, surprisingly, some cleaning solutions can be found right in your kitchen, no need to look further. Here are some steps on how to clean your dirty grout.

  • Mix equal part of vinegar and distilled water or make a paste using distilled water and baking soda. Distilled water is good because it contains no chemicals that might stain your tiles.
  • Put your vinegar or baking soda solution to the grout in a circular motion, then scrub back and forth.
  • When done, rinse with distilled water and dry it up with a mop or a dry cloth.

For difficult stains, use diluted chlorine bleach with distilled water. However, only use this on white grout – else, bleach will permanently fade the colours. Also, do a test patch behind the door first. Only use bleach as a last resort.

After cleaning your grout mop your tiles thoroughly with warm soapy water and give a final rinse with clean hot water and watch your tiles sparkle as they dry.

Seal the grout

Once the tile is clean, applying a finishing coat will protect your grout and keeps it looking great for a long time. Remember, even though cleaning the grout is hard on your back and a tedious task, it is very important that it is done so you can enjoy your tiles and grout for many years to come.

Don’t want to clean your grout and tiles?

Easy, let the professionals clean it for you! Contact Country Life Carpet Care. We’ll have your floor tiles sparklingly clean in no time. Country Life Carpet Care also offers a grout sealing service which will keep your grout clean for longer. Ring CLCC today to discuss your needs and get a free quote.