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Vinyl flooring, can it be cleaned?

Vinyl flooring makes your home extra appealing and unique. Vinyl floors are great because they are:

  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Long lasting

Vinyl is  perfect, even in high traffic areas in your home. However, despite all of vinyls qualities, vinyl floorings are not indestructible. Over time they can get damaged, become stained and really dirty, but with proper care, it’s easy to maintain the material’s eye catching appearance.

Cleaning vinyl flooring

Dirt and dust can wear down your vinyl flooring. This is the main reason why it’s important to clean your vinyl floor regularly. Cleaning your vinyl floor often can help your flooring last  a long time. How to clean your vinyl flooring?

Here are some cleaning tips on clean your vinyl flooring

  • Mop frequently with plain hot water
  • Get rid of stains

Mop frequently with plain water

You can’t go wrong with hot water and a mop. If there are any spills, wipe them up immediately with a sponge. Detergent often makes vinyl sticky, so if you do need to use detergent to make sure you re wash the floor with just plain clean hot water afterwards.

Get rid of stains

For food stains like sauce, remove it by mixing a paste of baking soda and water. Gently rub it onto the stain until it is removed. Remember to clean the area with a cloth or sponge to remove any baking soda residue.

With a just little of your time and effort, your vinyl flooring will last for many decades and still look lovely.

Is your vinyl really dirt?

If vinyl is really dirty and stained you might be considering replacing it. Generally a good professional clean will breathe new life back into your vinyl floors and save you all  the expense of replacement.

Need to have your vinyl flooring professionally cleaned, Country Life Carpet Care. We can have your carpet, vinyl and tile flooring clean – anytime, anywhere! Ring us now for a free quote and we do upholstery and mattresses too.

Common carpet cleaning methods

carpet cleaning by country life carpet careYour carpet looks dirty? Don’t wait for the dirt to multiply! Take some actions now, this spring, start fresh and clean! What to do? Have your carpet cleaned.

What are the ways to clean your carpet?

There are a lot of methods on how to keep your carpet clean and in top condition. The best cleaning method for your carpets depends on several factors such as:

  • What’s the carpets made of
  • If it’s been treated or not
  • Where it is placed
  • The traffic it endures

Plus, you might also consider whether anyone in the family has allergies to certain chemicals or not. Remember, different carpets need different kinds of cleaning methods. In order to keep your carpet in top shape, it is important to clean it using the right carpet cleaning methods that work best for your carpet.

Whatever your carpet is made of, treated or not, here are few of the most common carpet cleaning methods you can choose.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common method that professionals use to carpet cleaning and is suitable for most carpets. With steam cleaning you get

  • Thorough pre clean vacuum
  • Spot and stain treatment
  • Steam cleaning process

For the steam cleaning process, a pre vaccum is done, then are stains or spots are treated. Steam cleaning is where a water based cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet using a high pressure jet spray. Then an industrial vacuum cleaner is used that can work well in your carpet  to draw the dirt out of your carpet right from its base.

Professional carpet cleaning removes the dirt and grit that have accumulated in the base of your carpet that will slowly ruin your carpet if not removed. To get the full life from your carpet you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.

Dry cleaning your carpet

The dry cleaning carpet cleaning process is similar to dry cleaning clothes where chemicals and heat are used to rid of dirt and grime build up from your carpet, then it is vacuumed off.

Foam and powder cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is used to pick up the foam which helps you get rid of dirt and the trapped soil. Another method is using a powder which acts as a cleaning agent. It is sprinkled over the carpet and then removed using a vacuum cleaner which also means, you are removing dirt and other dust in your carpet.

Steam cleaning is generally recommended for most types of carpet.

To get your carpet to be thoroughly steam cleaned, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We can clean your carpet the professional way with impressive results. Ring us now to get a free quote and discuss your needs.


Clean your upholstered furniture in 4 easy steps

3Spring is here and everything feels like new, time to have a look inside your home. Has though winter snuggle ups taken a toll on your furniture?

A spill here, stains there, time to do a spring cleaning of your upholstered furniture.

During winter, your upholstered furniture might accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Winter cleaning is a good thing, but for most of us, we’d rather want to lie down cosy up in the warmth or the heater or fire, than to get up and clean our upholstered furniture.

Clean your upholstered furniture in 4 easy steps

Ok, lets start by spring cleaning your upholstered furniture naturally. Here’s how you can clean your upholstered furniture and make them fresh again and ready for the long sunny days ahead; whether you are planning to host a party or just have a company with some good friends.

Step 1.Pour baking soda all over your furniture. You’ll be surprised to know that some cleaning solutions can be found right in your kitchen! Leave the baking soda for half an hour up to one hour. This will pull out any odours that have settled in your furniture. Don’t worry! Baking soda will not damage your carpet or your flooring at all, just vacuum it up.

Step 2.Vacuum all the baking soda. Make sure you get all the baking soda. You might need to change the bag in your vacuum cleaner so do that whenever it is full.

Step 3. Whip a ½ cup of detergent with a tablespoon of water. Whip until very frothy until it becomes a big bowl filled with bubbles.

Step 4. Rub a layer of the solution. Rub the solution to your upholstered furniture. You may create more depending on how much furniture you want to clean. Remember to wipe the suds off with a damp cloth, don’t over wet your furniture.

There you go. Good to go till next spring… maybe. Follow these steps, keep your furniture clean for spring, and make your home feel like new!

Too hard or do you have some bad stains?

If you want some help with cleaning your upholstered furniture, contact Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC). We can give you advice on how to clean your furniture or can do the cleaning for you. Professional upholstery cleaning can revitalize your furniture and bring them back to life. Call CLCC for all your upholstery and floor cleaning needs.

Food colouring dropped on your carpet, what to do?

foodcolourExciting times, making a cake for your daughters birthday, go to mix the food colouring into the icing and the unthinkable happens!

You have just knocked the food colouring off the bench and onto the living room floor, the carpeted floor.

What do you do?
Don’t Panic
Quick! Remove that stain NOW.

The sooner you attend to the stain, the greater your chance of keeping your carpet in good condition. Remember, the longer the stain has to set, the harder it will be to get it out.

Remove the stain right away!

Food colouring is a dye that is safe to eat. Food companies use it to make their product look good, but remember it is a dye. If you spilled food colouring onto your carpet, you are basically just poured dye on it but don’t worry! You can try getting the stain out before hiring a professional cleaner.

Here’s how to get food colouring out of your carpet:

  • Using a paper towel, gently blot any excess spill. Make sure you blot don’t rub as you don’t want to make the stain worse or spread it.
  • Make a solution. Use one tablespoon white vinegar, one tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent and two cups of warm water.

If the food colouring is red, use ammonia instead of vinegar. Pour this solution into a white, clean cloth and sponge it onto your carpet. Dab the carpet dry with a paper towel. You may repeat the process until no stain can be seen on your carpet.

  • Using a rubbing alcohol, sponge any remaining stain. Don’t forget to wipe it dry with a paper towel.
  • Pile a bunch of paper towels where the stain used to be. Weigh down the paper with a heavy object – a pile of books perhaps. This will help absorb all the moisture that is left.
  • Sprinkle a little carpet freshener or bi carb soda to make your carpet smell fresh again.

Fast action is essential to limit the amount of damage that food colouring can do to your carpet.

Call for help, you will probably need to hire a professional cleaner to make sure all the stain has been removed and there is no long term effect to your carpet.

Food colouring dropped on your carpet, what to do?

Contact Country Life Carpet Care as soon as possible. We offer professional carpet cleaning at an affordable price! Ring us now and let us help you.