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Makeover your living room on a budget

carpet_clean (1)Your living room represents your personality; it’s the centre of your home, the meeting place. A beautiful living room makes:

  • Your guest feel welcome
  • Gives you a retreat for the business of life

You can makeover your living room if you are not contented with its look.

You could either have it renovated or change the furniture. Renos and new furniture can be expensive. Therefore, it leaves you with the last option – makeover your living room on a budget.

How to do just that?

A makeover is about changing the feel of your room.

Does your living room have carpet? Great, let’s start there!

The trick here is to get your carpet back to that new feeling. A lovely clean carpet can make your living room really inviting. Have a warm, comfortable and elegant to look at, adding style to your room.

Clean carpet doesn’t just enhance your living room appearance but also make the air fresher inside. A clean carpet can update your living room without spending too much money. The best thing about having your carpet professionally cleaned is it gets right into your carpet to get out all that hidden dirt plus fluffs your carpet up.

Get your carpet professionally cleaned

Professional cleaners can get the stubborn stain and dirt by using the right carpet cleaning method. Especially if your carpet looks really dirty, it’s time to call for some help.

Freshen up your room

You moved your furniture out of the room so that the cleaner can get to all of your carpet and do a really good job.  Now it’s time to put it all back, try putting things in different positions.

Turn the room around; try putting less furniture in it if you are not using it all the time. Add a splash of colour with a new rug or by painting a new feature wall.

Makeover your living room on a budget

Follow these simple tips and you can create a whole new feel to your living room on quite a small budget.

For a professionally cleaned carpet, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We can give your carpet a deep down stream clean for your carpet and bring it back to life again. We also offer other forms of carpet cleaning and tile, grout and vinyl floor cleaning. Plus we do upholstery and mattress cleaning too.

Phone Country Life Carpet Care for your carpet cleaning and floor cleaning needs.

How to clean pen or texta marks off your upholstery

How to clean texta marks off your upholstery
Accidents happen. No matter how careful you are, your lovely upholstery can get stained. The risk of getting upholstery stain can get double if you have children at home. Children plays and when they do, your upholstery seems to be the perfect playground.

Pen marks on your upholstery?

Children love to write, draw or scribble on any surface. Encouraging fine motors skills is great but not when they choose to do it on walls or worse, on your upholstery. You can’t do anything except shake your head in disbelief. You just have to remind yourself that they are only children and don’t panic.

Cleaning pen marks on your upholstery can be done. You can bring back your upholstery to its best.

How to clean texta marks off your upholstery

Depending on the type of pen or texta most marks can be removed. Relax because there are ways on how you can remove them from your upholstery. Most texta’s contain a spirit base which evaporates leaving the pigment behind. The trick is to reapply more of the same spirit to make sure that the pigment liquefies making it easier to remove the mark. Here are some steps on how to do it.

Steps in removing pen marks:

  1. Use solvents such as white vinegar or acetone. You can also try other products but make sure to test a small area of fabric (hidden from view) to ensure it doesn’t affect your fabric’s quality or cause any discolouration.
  2. Apply the solution to the entire stain by using cotton buds, dab and be careful not to spread it.
  3. Let the solution sits in for about 10 minutes. Give it another good go with more solvent. You might do it repeatedly until you get a desirable result but eventually, the stain should disappear.

Clean texta marks off your upholstery

If you are in any doubt on how to clean texta marks off your upholstery, call professional upholstery cleaner. If your upholstery has lots of stains, then you will definitely need a professional cleaner to job for you.

Contact Country Life Carpet Care we do more than just carpets and are your local upholstery cleaner and can help you with all your cleaning needs. We clean even the dirtiest upholstery and remove the most stubborn stain on your carpet, vinyl and tiles. Phone us now for a free quote.

Summer is the perfect time for a carpet spring clean

Carpet--CleaningIt is summer time, did you mean to do that spring clean but time just flew away. Don’t worry; you can have your carpets cleaned at any time of the year. Summer is the perfect time for a spring clean.

As the spring continues so as the fun! You can prepare a home party but make sure you will create a comfortable atmosphere for you, your family and your guests. Keeping a beautiful home comes down to every detail so you should start with the most basic – cleaning your carpet.

Why spring clean your carpet?

Spring cleaning your carpet is the best way to ensure that you get a great indoor atmosphere. Professionally cleaning your carpets give them a deep down clean and removes all the dirt and dust build up that your normal weekly vacuuming just can’t reach. Think about how great your home would look like if you manage to remove the stubborn dirt, dust and stain off your carpet. You can enjoy your home more knowing that your carpet is clean, smelling fresh and not hiding any nasties.

Now is the time to perfect time to have your carpets professionally cleaned

Summer is the perfect time for a carpet Spring Clean and to get your carpets professionally. The weather is great you can move your heavy furniture outside and drying time is the shortest and it will be all year. What a great feeling it is to have a really clean home when your friends and family come to visit.

Book your carpet cleaning now

Country Life Carpet Cleaning are your local professional carpet cleaning business that can clean a range of flooring for you; like vinyl, tiles, carpets and your upholstery too. Contact Country Life Carpet Care for a quote today and enjoy your clean home.