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DIY upholstery cleaning tips you should know

Cute CatIs your family couch looking a little shabby? Given the extra traffic your upholstery has been going through recently, it’s not surprising that your couch is looking a bit old and weary. Upholstery furniture is prone to wear and tear no matter how much you care for them, dirt, dust and spills are unfortunately part of life.

Should you buy new upholstery?

If your couch looks old and dirty, should you replace it? You can but there is really no need in most cases. Freshen up your upholstery and save yourself some money and the hassle of buying again. You can make your upholstery look like new again by learning some DIY upholstery cleaning tips.

Do it yourself upholstery cleaning you should know

Cleaning your upholstery should be part of your regular household cleaning and maintenance. If your upholstery looks a little dirty, you can consider cleaning it on your own. Though most would recommend a professional cleaner to do upholstery cleaning, many issues can be treated at home without risking your upholstery.

When to get a professional cleaner?

  • Large or older spills and stains
  • Annual deep clean will make your upholstery furniture last longer and look great
  • Time poor
  • Not confident in doing the job yourself.

If any of the above situations apply to you definitely call in the professional.

Tips on DIY cleaning

Make sure you know how to the job first by trying these DIY cleaning tips.

  • Vacuum the upholstery first
  • Treat the stains properly
  • Read the upholstery tag cleaning instructions
  • Always dry up your upholstery

Vacuum the upholstery first

This is a must. Use a vacuum cleaner in order to make sure that you get all pet hair, dust and debris that make your upholstery dirty.

Treat the stains properly

If there are stains on your upholstery, make sure you are using just the right treatment. To do this, check the stains. For tougher stains, you might need a chemical based solution to get rid of the stains. Be careful, do a test piece first on the underside of your furniture and follow the cleaning instructions.

Read the upholstery tag cleaning instructions

Before cleaning, make sure you read the cleaning instructions tag carefully so you’ll know what type of cleaning you can do. Some upholstery can be clean by using plain water while some may require a solvent.

Always dry up your upholstery

It’s best to clean your upholstery on a warm day with the windows open but it’s not possible, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time.

Are you unsure of these or don’t have time to go through them one by one, call in the professionals. Contact Country Life Carpet Care, is your local professional cleaning company and can take care of all your cleaning needs. We clean upholstery, vinyl, tiles and of course carpets. Call Country Life Carpet Care for a free quote.

How to clean up an oil spill from your tile floor

Clean tiles by Country Life Carpet Cleaning (CLCC)Your kitchen is one of the busiest places inside your home and because of this, it is also the one place where most of the dirt and spills are expected. It is your tile floor that suffers the most.

Your tile floor makes your home stylish and elegant looking.  With its shine and appeal, your tile floor deserves to be clean. A clean tile floor will make your home stunning and definitely will make your kitchen attractive.

Oil spills in your tile floor?

Tile floor can catch dirt and dust easily. When in kitchen, the most common spills are from food, fat and oil. You’ll be cooking and experimenting inside your kitchen so it’s just normal to have fat or oil splatters and spills every now and then. The key here is to learn how to clean up an oil spill from your tile floor as soon as it happens.

Here’s how to clean oil spill from your tile floor:

  • Using paper towels carefully blot up any oil from your floor. Make sure you blot as much oil as possible, use multiple paper towels if you need too.
  • Sprinkle the area with oil spill with corn flour, oatmeal or bicarb. Allow it to sit for several minutes.
  • Sweep up the corn flour starch or oatmeal corn flour, oatmeal or bicarb, be sure to sweep everything up.
  • Sprinkle again another corn flour, oatmeal or bicarb if needed until all oil is absorbed.

If the spill is very large you will need to leave it over night before sweeping it up the next morning and you’ll be surprised to see how clean your tile floor is. Now your tile floor is as good as new, with no oil soaked in your tile grout. Keep your tile floor shiny, clean oil spill immediately.

Remember the best protection for your grout is to have it sealed and that will prevent it from getting stained.

How to clean up an oil spill from your tile floor

Need help? Do you have a tough stain on your tiles or are they just looking their best? Country Life Carpet Care can clean your tiles and grout, we can also seal your grout to prevent it being damaged. Country Life Carpet Care offers different cleaning services including tile floor cleaning, grout sealing, carpet cleaning, vinyl clean, upholstery and mattresses too. Ring us now to discuss your needs today, all quotes are free.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets by Country Life Carpet Cleaning (CLCC)Cleaning your carpet is easy, a quick weekly vacuum and you are done. Plus cleaning up spills as soon as they happen is a great way to protect your investment. Over time dust and dirt works its way to the base of your carpets and even with your best efforts, you can’t get it all out. This is the time for your annual deep carpet clean and to a hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner

Professional carpet cleaner can get deep into your carpets to remove dirt, dust and any mites or bacteria that may have been trapped. Professional carpet cleaning is perfect option for you because:

  • Offer excellent result with deep down cleaning
  • Protects your carpet from wear and tear
  • Make your carpet look like new

With their experience and skills, you can enjoy your carpet once again. However, before you hire a professional cleaner you need to do a few things to get the best value for your money.

  • Declutter
  • Remove light furniture
  • Keep your pets in a safe area


Make sure your floor is clean. Remove all objects and anything on your floor can serve as a tripping hazard or prevent your floor being cleaned properly.

Remove light furniture

Carpet cleaners come to your home to clean your carpet and not to remove your furniture.

You need to remove your furniture for the carpeted rooms and put in another area until your carpets are dry. Of course, most carpet cleaners can remove the furniture for you at an additional cost.

Keep your pets in a safe area

Your pets need to be kept out of the way of the cleaner; they might be scared with the loud noise while your carpets are being cleaned. Make sure you put them in a safe place before the cleaning starts.

Follow these tips and get the best cleaning results from the best professional carpet cleaner.

For all your cleaning needs, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We offer different cleaning services such as carpet, tile floors,vinyl floors, upholstery and we also do mattresses too. Ring us now for free quote.