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How to choose pet friendly flooring?

Cute CatHow do you have a pet and still have a lovely home to live in? That is a good question. It is estimated that 63% of Australian households have at least one pet.

We love our pets! 

Pets traffic can be tough on some types of floors. Flooring is a personal preference and having a few house rules can make it easier for you and your pets to live in harmony.

  • Have areas that your pet can’t go. It is best to prevent your pets from having free run of your carpeted areas, especially your bedrooms.
  • Rugs and mats. Have a special rug or mat for your pet to sit on and have their own place to be.
  • Trim your pets nails frequently. Pet nails can scratch your floor, if you don’t keep them trimmed.
  • Sweep your floor regularly. Many pets moult and drop their fur (hair), no matter what flooring you have this hair should be regularly swept up.

Wood laminate or hardwood floor are most prone to being scratched. Hardwood floors can be re-sanded and brought back to life at a later date or have the rustic country look.

Vinyl is a common flooring option that many people choose when they have both pets and children. Tile flooring is another popular choice and comes in a range of colours and finishes. These types of flooring are very practical and exceedingly durable; they are long-lasting and resistant to scratching and moisture which makes them a good choice for pet friendly homes.

Carpets are not a good option for pets and as the piles or loops in your carpet can catch on your pets claws and carpets will carry odours from where your pet has been. If you do have carpets make sure you have a mat, rug or even better a low bed off the carpet where your pet can sit. These mats and rugs can then be cleaned regularly to prevent odour to your carpets.

No matter what type of flooring you choice regular sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning is a must to prevent fur, hair, dirt and sand which your pets have brought in from building up and making your floors dirty or and scratching them.

Your tile and carpets will benefit from an annual professional carpet clean which will bring them back to their best and make sure you get the full life from your flooring.

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How to clean your tiles?

Tiles - Before and after tile cleaningHere is how to clean your tiles?

Dirty tiles and grout are caused by the build-up of dirty water from mops, footwear and spills. We recommend that after your tile have been cleaned with a mild soap that you wash them over with a microfibre cloth and hot water only. It is also important to maintain the tiles with a neutral cleaner at regular intervals. We can advise you on the correct product for the job.

Here are household tips to maintain your tile floors and keep them clean.

Regular sweeping

Dirt build up can easily scratch your tile surface and sweeping it away regularly is very important and as soon as you see it will help prevent this. Using a vacuum cleaner is good too especially for the edges or tile gaps where sweeping will be hard to remove all the dirt that gets caught there.

Wipe or Mop

Wipe or mop your tile floor twice using only the simplest solution; water. Never use concentrated cleaners, your tiles are generally not too dirty if you do it often and by regularly cleaning up spills as they happen and cleaning with hot water you will keep it that way. You can dry-mop it after a few minutes of wet mopping.

Use walk-off mats or rugs

Dirt prevention is always better than dirt cleaning. With walk-off mats or rugs, you have already eliminated more than half of the dirt that’s supposed to touch your tile floor. Just keep in mind to shake them off often.

Spot cleaning

Thicker dirt like wet soil or mud from shoes can be annoying and sweeping it could possibly spread the dirt leading to more cleaning. The best solution to this is spot cleaning with damp cloth followed by a dry clean cloth.

Avoid the DON’Ts

In cleaning your tiles, don’t use steel wool or other abrasives that can scratch the finish of the tile. Also avoid using concentrated bleach solutions or ammonia cleaners as it can cause discolouration on your tiles. Use recommended cleaning products for your tiles which are safe and worry-free, ask if you are not sure.

Your tile floor is a large investment so by using these simple tips you will protect it. Maintaining your tiles cleanliness increases its lifespan as well as the value of your home.

Over time your tiles may start to lose that new look shine, that where Country Life Carpet Cleaning can help with professional tile cleaning to bring your tiles back to their former glory. Call for more information, get a quote and a test sample on your tiles.