3 carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid!

clean carpetCleaning carpet isn’t an easy job but is it very important. Often a spill or stain on your new carpet can make you panic. Oh no! You have just bought new carpet and the money you spent on it! Don’t panic, call for a professional help, from a carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Carpet cleaning

Got a red wine spilled? A nail polish stained? Check out these articles on cleaning red wine spills and nail polish spills. Carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science, but done wrong you can make your spills worse and sometimes permanent. For spills, it really is best to call in the professionals.

Maintaining your carpet

Your carpet needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep you home fresh and healthy. Weekly vacuuming is essential and money often if needed, like your pet is shedding hair or the children have just walked in half the garden.

Here are 3 carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.

  1. Only using a deodorising powder to clean your carpet
  2. Over wetting your carpet
  3. Waiting too long to have your carpets cleaned

Mistake #1.Only using a deodorising powder

Sometimes, you are too eager make your home smell nice. Only using a deodorizing powder without cleaning your carpet is a mistake. Yes a deodorising powder can eliminate foul odours but it won’t remove the dirt dust or what is causing the smell in the first place.

Mistake #2.Over wetting your carpet

Before you use any cleaning product, be sure to read the label carefully. Make sure to do a test patch on a hidden part of your carpet. This will prevent you from making an irreversible mistake. Don’t over wet your carpet especially in winter as it will be difficult to dry and could cause the backing of your carpet to rot. Be very careful with indoor plants that they are not over watered and leave your carpet wet.

Mistake #3.Waiting too long to have your carpets cleaned

Don’t leave it too late to call in the professionals; it is false economy to hold out. Call for help as soon as possible when spills occur. If your carpet is showing sign of becoming dirty, get it cleaned. Professional cleaning will protect your carpet.

These mistakes are so common, you think they are indeed the proper way to clean. For your carpet, be careful and avoid mistakes, that way your carpets will look great and last a long time.

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