5 Things To Do When Getting Your Carpets Cleaned!

carpet cleanCarpet cleaning, having your carpets cleaned? Here are a few tips to make it easy for everyone.

  1. Move furniture
  2. Remove fragile and valuable items
  3. Inspect the carpets
  4. Keep away your children and pets
  5. Let your carpets dry

Move furniture

To get the most out of your carpet cleaning it is best to move out as much furniture as possible. Make sure to take away the small furniture such as dining room chairs, plants and magazine racks. You can place these items another room that isn’t going to be cleaned or outside under the patio.

Also pin up full length curtains or draperies at least 10 cm off the floor. Make sure to pin up any skirts on upholstered furniture that may touch the carpet.

Heavy items like bookcases can be left as the carpet under them won’t be cleaned.

Remove fragile items

If you are worried about anything that is particularly fragile move it and put it somewhere safe. At Country Life Carpet Care we take the utmost care when cleaning your home but occasionally accidents can happen, so reduce your stress and put that precious item away.

Inspect the carpets

Inspection on your carpet and take note of any major stains or areas of wear. You can point these areas out when giving your carpet cleaner a tour. For stains we can treat these areas first.

Keep away your children and pets

For safety and everyone’s peace of mind, keep your children and pets in a place where they can’t disturb the cleaning.

Let your carpets dry before walking on them

Your carpet cleaner will advise you on how long your carpets will  take to dry and when you can put your furniture back. Let the carpet dry overnight, make sure to tell everyone not to step on it. Or if you can’t avoid walking across your newly cleaned carpets then ask some shoe coverings from your cleaner.

5 things to do before you have your carpets cleaned

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