5 Tips to keep your tiles clean

tilesYour floor is one of the most valuable investments in your home. It gives beauty to your home and adds value to the whole property. Tiles can be a large investment, especially if you hire a professional to do the job. This is why; taking care of your flooring should be given high priority so you can get the floors full life and still look great.

Country Life Carpet Cleaning shares these useful 5 tips to keep your tiles clean:

1.      Prevention

Prevention is always the best first line of defense against harmful elements that could damages your beautiful floor. By controlling dirt and sand which can enter your house, tile cleaning is easier. As much as possible, reduce the amount of dirt that enters your house by placing a door mat in front of your door entrance and add another indoor mat just inside your house. Two wipes should take 90% of the dirt carried by foot wears.

2.      Pets Off

As much as every one of us loves a clean and shiny floor to step on, your pets love it too. But pets can’t be taught to wipe their paws on the floor mats that you place in your porch and door front. They bring in dirt and sand particles which could scratch your floor’s surface. Their nails too can cause scratches in your tile floors.

Solution to this is to maybe restrict your pet to one area of your house and ensure proper grooming or you can choose to keep them outside your house.

3.      Keep chemicals and certain solutions out of reach of your kids

Abrasive and concentrated chemical or solutions can cause stains in your tile floors. Keep them out of reach of you kids to avoid this scene.

4.       Use Rugs in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest place in your house. This is where cooking occurs and the potential for spills and slops. Rugs can keep those unnoticed oil drips. With rugs, you can also do a spot cleaning when liquid ingredients fell or spill on the tile floor.

Beware not to create a trip hazard.

5.       No smoking

Make your house a smoke free one. Do not allow cigarette smoking inside your house as it could cause burns on you tile floor when cigarette butts suddenly fell on it. If this can’t be avoided, using an ashtray will be your best option.

Generally, maintaining a clean tile floor can be easily achieved when all family members cooperate.

Country Life Carpet Cleaning is your local tile floors specialist. For problems regarding your tile floor, call us instantly and we’d be more willing to offer your   professional help.