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Why is annual Steam Carpet Cleaning a good idea?

clean carpet3 great reasons to get annual steam carpet cleaning:

  1. Extend the life of your carpet
  2. Superior clean
  3. Save you time and money

Extend the life of your carpet

Prolong the life of your carpet by getting a professional steam cleaning every year. Why, because an annual steam clean gets right down into the base of your carpet and removes dirt that can rub causing your carpet to age prematurely.

Country Life Carpet Care are your expert carpet cleaners we have professional skills and the knowledge to clean all types of carpet. We have the right cleaning tools to prevent any damage occurring during the cleaning process.

Superior clean

We can deep clean right into the pile of carpet to remove allergens and bacteria for long lasting protection.

Your regular household cleaning can’t remove all the bugs and germs that can live in your carpet. Steam cleaning is perfect for all the family, it can help reduce allergies and asthma by making your carpet clean and healthy.

Save you time and money

Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned will help save you time and money on your regular cleaning. Your carpets will be easier to maintain, reducing your cleaning time, power costs and by getting professional cleaning once a year will protect your carpet investment.

Make sure to place mats and rugs in high traffic areas such as entry doors and living room to protect carpets from dirt, spills and stains. If an accident happens, mop up the spill immediately with a piece of paper towel; if the stain is really bad you may need to add a little cold water to remove the excess. Call in professional help if you need to. The quicker the stain is dealt with the higher the chance of you being able to remove it.

Remember to clean your mats when you vacuum the rest of your carpet.

Why is annual Steam Carpet Cleaning a good idea?

A clean house start from the floor up and having your carpet steam cleaned at least once a year with provide you that piece of mind.

Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC) assures you of a professional and cost effective cleaning to extend the life of your carpet while saving you time and money. CLCC offers professional steam cleaning for your carpet and other floor cleaning services, like tile and grout cleaning, vinyl and wood floor cleaning.

Call us now on 1800 246 404 or 0407 246 403 to discuss your carpet cleaning needs and get your home ready for Christmas. Ring us today for a free quote!



4 tips for easy carpet cleaning this summer

Professional carpet cleaner Country Life Carpet CareThis summer, have you thought about what you will do? Go out, go to the park, go to the beach, go biking, go camping? During summer, you’d want to enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends rather than staying inside cleaning your home. However, you need to take note that summer is the time of the year when then traffic into your home increases and so does the dirt especially in your carpet.

Keeping your carpet clean all the time

During summer, the most frequently used places in your home are the living area and mostly, living rooms have carpets. Your carpet can enhance your living room and make the space cosier. Plus, carpets are a great place for your children to play. For this and other reasons you  should realize that your carpet needs to be kept clean, especially when family members and pets are going in and out of doors more often.

4 tips for easy carpet cleaning

In order to keep your carpet clean and fresh this summer, here are things that you can do:

  1. Stop dirt at the door
  2. Take the party outside
  3. Maintain proper circulation of air
  4. Get a professional cleaner

Stop dirt at the door

Summer means backyard bbq and frequent family events. This can put your carpet at higher risk. Before dirt can enter, stop it. Use rugs or mats at your entrance doors. Ask your guests to take their shoes off when entering your home, in the summer this is easy with sandals, thongs or loose fitting shoes. If there are spills and stains, mop or vacuum them up right away.

Take the party outside

Summer is the perfect time to use your outdoor area and have a backyard barbie with friends and family. Having most of your guests outside will help reduce the mess and dirt inside your home.

Maintain proper circulation of air

Higher temperature means greater risk of dust build up inside your home. Consider turning your Air Con on. The energy bills scares you? No problem. You can maintain proper air circulation by opening your windows in the morning when it’s cool, then close them again as the day warms up and after the afternoon sun has gone and the breeze is in open your windows again. Not going to be home? Close your home up, completely curtains and blinds too, then when you get home opens everything up and let the breeze blow through.

Get a professional cleaner

The best way to keep your carpet clean this summer? Start with a fresh slate! A professional cleaner can give your carpet a deep clean right into the pile of your carpet where your regular vacuuming can’t reach.

Looking for a professional cleaner? Contact Country Life Carpet Care, we do deep stream cleaning of carpets and can clean your vinyl and tile floors too. We can help you remove embedded dirt in carpets, eliminate grime on your tile and grout too plus clean your upholstery too! Ring us now for a free quote today.

Common carpet cleaning methods

carpet cleaning by country life carpet careYour carpet looks dirty? Don’t wait for the dirt to multiply! Take some actions now, this spring, start fresh and clean! What to do? Have your carpet cleaned.

What are the ways to clean your carpet?

There are a lot of methods on how to keep your carpet clean and in top condition. The best cleaning method for your carpets depends on several factors such as:

  • What’s the carpets made of
  • If it’s been treated or not
  • Where it is placed
  • The traffic it endures

Plus, you might also consider whether anyone in the family has allergies to certain chemicals or not. Remember, different carpets need different kinds of cleaning methods. In order to keep your carpet in top shape, it is important to clean it using the right carpet cleaning methods that work best for your carpet.

Whatever your carpet is made of, treated or not, here are few of the most common carpet cleaning methods you can choose.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common method that professionals use to carpet cleaning and is suitable for most carpets. With steam cleaning you get

  • Thorough pre clean vacuum
  • Spot and stain treatment
  • Steam cleaning process

For the steam cleaning process, a pre vaccum is done, then are stains or spots are treated. Steam cleaning is where a water based cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet using a high pressure jet spray. Then an industrial vacuum cleaner is used that can work well in your carpet  to draw the dirt out of your carpet right from its base.

Professional carpet cleaning removes the dirt and grit that have accumulated in the base of your carpet that will slowly ruin your carpet if not removed. To get the full life from your carpet you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.

Dry cleaning your carpet

The dry cleaning carpet cleaning process is similar to dry cleaning clothes where chemicals and heat are used to rid of dirt and grime build up from your carpet, then it is vacuumed off.

Foam and powder cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is used to pick up the foam which helps you get rid of dirt and the trapped soil. Another method is using a powder which acts as a cleaning agent. It is sprinkled over the carpet and then removed using a vacuum cleaner which also means, you are removing dirt and other dust in your carpet.

Steam cleaning is generally recommended for most types of carpet.

To get your carpet to be thoroughly steam cleaned, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We can clean your carpet the professional way with impressive results. Ring us now to get a free quote and discuss your needs.