How to choose the perfect carpet colour for your home!

1You have decided to purchase a carpet. Carpets are a great addition to your home. They can make your home elegant, stylish and simply amazing. Now to choose the colour!

Choosing the right colour

Carpets makes your home truly wonderful, but choosing the right colour for your carpet is a big decision and sometimes, difficult. There are a wide range of carpet colours and textures available. You might be tempted to choose your favourite colour for your carpet, but then, you have to take note that your carpet colour can affect the appearance the room and what furnishing you will add.

With this in mind, you need to be extra careful when choosing. There are also things that you need to consider such as:

  • Your personality
  • How you use your space
  • Your other furnishings
  • What type of message you want to convey

Different colours express different feelings and emotions. The most beautiful white carpet will not last long in the children’s playroom no matter how fabulous it look when it is new!

Want to make a big room cosy?

Do you have a big room and you want to make it homely. If you are looking for that cozy warm feeling even from a big room, you can choose carpets with the colour blue or green. These colours are often thought to have a calming effect. Earth colours can also help make a large room feel smaller and more intimate.

Always match your carpet colour

If your furniture is dark in colour, choose a carpet with light to moderate colour to brighten up your room and create balance. Often too much of the same colour can overpower your room.

If you have skylights or lots of windows where sun ray can enter, medium or dark shade of carpet may be a suitable option for you.

Play it safe

If all else fails, choose beige. It is the safest colour. It goes well with any types of colour. You really can’t go wrong with beige. Ask your carpet shop if you can bring home some carpet samples and place them in your room over the weekend and see how you feel!

Once you have decided on your beautiful carpet and had it laid, remember a year professional steam clean will keep it in tip top condition. For your carpet needs, contact Country Life Carpet Care. Call us now on 1800 246 404 for more information!