How to clean your carpet properly.

carpet3Carpets are an important feature inside your home.  The cushioning effect of a carpet and its ability to make any room beautiful makes it perfect for both home and office use.  According to research, regularly professionally cleaned carpet last longer. Before cleaning it, let’s discuss the things that make your carpet dirty:

  • Pet hair
  • Dirt from shoes
  • Stains

Pet hair

If you have pets, it’s normal that your carpet gets pet hair on a regular basis and sometimes urine (especially for young animals). If you don’t have the time to vacuumed pet hair all the time, it will start to pile up on your carpet, getting in between the piles of your carpet and it can take more than carpet cleaning to remove it. Pet urine can also soak through the carpet and can give off nasty odor. If you don’t realise your pet has had an accident the urine can get under your carpet and into the underlay making it hard to find and deal with. An annual professional steam clean of your carpets will deal with these problems and extend the life of your carpet.

For pet hair it’s important to vacuum your carpet regularly. When you see urine immediately mop it up then clean it with cold water to wash out the pet urine, sprinkle with baking soda and allow it to dry then vaccuum it up to remove the unpleasant odour.

Dirt from shoes

Shoes can tracked in outside dirt, sand and grit. You don’t notice the dirt right away, but over time, it will build up and find it’s way into the base of your carpet. This is the main reason why it’s important to leave all shoes outside.

Make sure your feet are thoroughly clean before entering your home and enjoy your family and friends to remove their shoes too.

If these issues are addressed immediately, they wont cause major problems at all.

Carpet stains

For stains and spills, mop up and clean immediately. Sometimes using the wrong cleaner can cause more damage than the original spill. It is best call for professional help as soon as possible for advice.

How to clean your carpet properly?

As you now know, keeping your carpet clean is a serious job and good carpet cleaning company can clean and make your carpet look like new. Country Life Carpet Care offers carpet cleaning services. Do you want your carpet cleaned? Call us and get a free quote today!