DIY carpet cleaning tips you should know

carpet cleaningWhen your carpet gets dirty, your first reaction is to clean it and correctly so. You can do the cleaning on your own or hire a professional carpet cleaner. Whatever your option you choose it is important to clean your carpet without delay. A clean carpet will enhance the appearance of your home, improve your indoor air quality in your home and remove any buildup of dust mites.

Carpet cleaning made easier

With the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner,  it is easy to keep your carpet clean for that beautiful and comfy feeling in your home. With carpet cleaners, they’ll do the dirty job for you, all the hard work. You just have to sit back, relax and wait for your carpet to be clean. For best carpet cleaning services, choose Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC).

If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, you might want to know some fast drying carpet cleaning tips. Most people who do carpet cleaning themselves complain about how long it will take for their carpets to dry.

DIY carpet cleaning tips for you

Here are some DIY carpet cleaning tips which might just save your day:

  • Before you start cleaning, make sure that everything is working properly – the sprayer tip, vacuum system and the filters.
  • Vacuum the carpet first. This is necessary to ensure that you thoroughly clean your carpet.
  • Use the correct amount of pre spray – just enough. Too much pre spray will require too much moisture to remove the chemicals from your carpet, leaving them soaking and hard to dry.
  • Too little pre spray and you won’t get your carpets clean.
  • Stains need to be treated differently, depending what they are. Always test your carpet before applying any stain remover.
  • Turn off available ceiling fans when you do the pre spraying.
  • While you are cleaning your carpet, open your windows to allow proper ventilation.
  • For every wet stroke, perform two or more dry strokes.
  • Install air movers at strategic location around the newly clean carpet area and turn on the ceiling fans after you have cleaned the carpet.

Follow these tips and you’ll be surprised at how fast your carpet will dry and ready for use again.

If your carpet is really dirty, has stains on it or you are time poor, you really should call in the professionals. Calling in a professional carpet cleaner can save you money in the long run.

At Country Life Carpet Care we offer a range of cleaning services including carpet, tile, vinyl and upholstery. We also do mattresses too. We can cater cleaning jobs in Bunbury, Busselton and surrounds

For your carpet cleaning needs, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We offer cleaning services for carpets with tougher dirt and stubborn stains. Ring us now to discuss your needs.