How to have a healthy house?

2A healthy house starts from the ground up with clean tiles! Yes, that is true! Cleanliness is determined by how your surroundings appear, from your floors to your walls.

Whether it’s in your living room, family room or bedroom, tiles have been the most cost-effective solution to having a clean and shiny floor and walls. That is because, aside from its natural clean look, it is very easy to clean and maintain. To have a healthy house would mean serious dedication to its cleanliness and orderliness. Being so, everyone that lives on it will enjoy a healthy living.

But, maintaining the cleanliness in your home is not an easy task at all. In fact, disappointments and discouragements can easily come from dirty surfaces of your tiles which even with general cleaning won’t show any sign progress. That’s residual dirt! It is not good for your tiles as well as for your family’s health.

Scrubbing and applying different cleaning solutions to your tiles is not recommended because it will damage the surface of your tiles. Hot water and a microfiber cloth is the best option. If you have a lot of dirt build up a mild detergent will be all you will need or ask advice from a professional.

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A prompt, reliable tile and grout cleaning service for your home and business is what you get from CLCC. Your tiles will lighten up from the removal of dirt you never knew existed and on the tiles you thought were clean. Watch the grout return to the original colour and your tiles really sparkle. Nothing cleans your tile better than a professional clean from CLCC

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A clean house is a healthy house!