How to keep feet marks off your tile floor?

tile floorTile floors look awesome. They are shiny, often come in white or light colours and look just beautiful. Their glossy appearance makes your home elegant stylish and modern looking. However, your tile floor will not look their best when they fall victim of stains, grime and feet marks!

Feet marks on your tile floor?

Mostly, you ignore feet marks as they seemed a common fixture on your tile floor. However, when there are too many and when it starts to make your tile floor ugly, it’s time to put a stop on it. Cleaning feet marks can be easy relatively easily compared to getting rid of stains but why clean when you can prevent it from happening?

After all, didn’t they say prevention is always better than cure? So, before feet marks appear, before people starts tracking in outside dirt, here are some great ways to keep the dirty feet marks off your tile floor.

Put down a rug

When put a strategic placed rug, people can wipe their feet off before entering. It will trap the dirt and lessen the chances of feet marks all over your tile floor. Plus, floor rugs come in different colours! You can add life and brightness to your home with colourful rugs.

Use the right cleaner

When foot marks are there, don’t let them stay on your tile floor. Clean them up with warm soapy water and then a rinse of just plain warm water and dry thoroughly. You will instantly remove any foot prints and make your tile floor look spotless again.

Have a shoe rack

A shoe rack at the entryway will signal your guests to take off their shoes before entering. That way, you don’t have to deal with shoe marks on your floor plus the possibility of dirt scratching your tile floor.

Do these things and you can make your tile floor look shiny, beautiful any time, all the time!

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