How to maintain your carpet all year round

living roomSo, you’ve installed your dream carpet. It has a lovely design, an attractive colour and just looks perfect on your home, now what? Here at Country Life Carpet Care, we share your concern about how to maintain your carpets so they last and look beautiful for years to come.

Regular cleaning

One of the best ways to maintain your carpet is to clean it regularly. Vacuum your carpet weekly; do it more often if you have a spill or it’s particularly dirty. When you have extra visitors and pets inside, then you will see you carpets will get dirty quicker and then you need to vacuum. A regular vacuum can help keep your carpet fresh and clean eliminating the risk of having allergens inside your home.

Spills and stains

Cleaning up spills and stains immediately is very important as they can shorten the lifespan of your carpet. When there are wine spills and stains on your carpet, take some action right away! The longer they sit on your carpet, the harder they are to remove. When removing stains and spills, BLOT don’t RUB. Blotting is the key on reducing as much stains as possible. If in doubt blot all excessive liquid and then call for professional help. Remember prevention is always better than cure.

Floor mats and rugs

Having floor mats and rugs strategically place on entry ways can reduce the amount of dirt and dust tracked inside your home. This helps protect your carpet underneath the rug, extending the life of your carpet in the process. Especially in winter ask people to remove their shoes before entering.

Deep cleaning

An annual clean is very important because although you are vacuuming regularly a domestic vacuum can’t reach right to the base of the carpet. Without having an annual deep clean the dirt will be trapped in the base of your carpets and will build up over time this will cause extra wear and tear on your carpet. It is best to call in the professional and this will ensure that the job is done properly providing carpet longevity. Professional carpet cleaner’s use potent vacuum cleaning machines so they can really clean your carpet properly.

When you are looking for professional cleaners in Bunbury and the surrounds, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We offer cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning – we do mattresses too! Ring us now and ask for a free quote. We’ll help you have a cleaner, healthier home for your family!