How to keep your tiles clean

Clean TilesAre you looking for ways on how to keep your floor tiles clean? Dirty flooring makes your home unattractive and possibly unhealthy. Who wants to stay inside a home with dust and stain all over the floors? It’s an unpleasant view.

Your tile flooring is a big investment and to get the most out of it, you have to keep it clean. Here are some few ways on how you should be able to keep cleanliness inside your home.

Prevention is better

Before dust and dirt invades your home, do something about it. Prevent the dirt entering in the first place by putting a doormat in front of your door and another one just inside the door for each or the external doors in your home. Doormats can decrease the amount of dirt and dust entering your home. With less dirt, it’s easier for you to keep your floor tiles clean.

Pets and your floors

Pets love walking on shiny and clean floors. Their nails can scratch your floor tiles too. Pets cannot be told to wipe off the dirt by using the your doormats and will bring in lots dust and dirt especially in wet weather. If you have pets at home, try to keep them out of any carpets areas and limit the areas they are allowed. Regularly grooming will help prevent hair loss too.

Don’t use harsh chemical when cleaning

Cleaning with harsh chemicals can cause stains on your tile floors and remove the shiny off the tiles. It is best to clean your tile with a mild soap and hot water. For any existing stains ask for professional help.

Use rugs in your kitchen

Being the busiest area inside your home, your kitchen is also the place for spills, slops and stains. With rugs, you can keep your kitchen free from any unnoticed drips, but remember to place the rugs in a safe area to prevent creating a tripping hazard.

How to keep your tiles clean

Cleaning your tile floor is easy, vacuum any lose dust or dirt then mop with a mild soap solution and hot water.  Done regularly your tiles will stay clean and not be a huge job. Having your tiles professional steam cleaned once a year, will keep your tiles in great condition for years to come.

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