How will you keep your tile floors clean this winter?

2Winter is the time of the year when you can bring is lots of mud and dirt on your shoes and wet tiles are very slippery, you need to be careful. Clean floors in winter are especially important because in winter, you:

  • Stay indoors a lot more
  • Your door and windows are closed most of the time
  • Limited sun to air out your home

The possibility of having a dirt, grim and germ build up is much higher when your home is shut up over the cold winter months which meansyou are living with the dirt unless you are viglent to remove it.In order to have that fresh, clean living inside your home, keep your tiles clean – especially during winter.

How to keep your tile floors clean this winter?

There are a lot of ways on how you can clean your tiles all year round. Below are the steps you can do:

  • Vaccum your floors
  • Mop your tiles
  • Leave your shoes at the door
  • Place mats near your door

Vaccum your floors

Vaccum your floors to remove all loose dirt particles is a must. Remember to make sure the floor is dry first.

Mop your tiles

Mopping seems a tiring job, but you have to do it for the sake of your tiles! Mop your tiles a few times every week or if possible, you can do it every day – will make a huge difference to keeping your house clean.

Leave your shoes at the door

If you can, leave your shoes and boots at the door. That way the wet mud and dirt will stay outside and not be walked through on your tiles.

Place mats near your door

With mats place at the door they will catch some the dirt and keep your tiles cleaner. Mats are especially good if your guests who enter your home and aren’t happy with taking their shoes off, you can minimize dirt and dust accumulation.

How will you keep your tile floors clean this winter?

Remember, shoes are the perfect place for dirt and they just make your clean floors messy again. To avoid that, follow the steps above and keep your floor tiles clean this winter.

Need a hand for your floor tile cleaning? Getting your tiles professionally cleaned at once a year will keep them in tip top condition for years to come.

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