How to put the shine back into your old tile floor!

tilesSparkling tiles! You just love them. Lovely clean looking tiles will make your home shine brighter and it feels like everything inside is simply gorgeous and dazzling.

Love your tiles?

Tile flooring is great. Tiles come in different colours and are low maintenance which makes them the top choice of many homeowners. It’s easy to love tile flooring especially when they are sparkling new and laid out in beautiful patterns. They can really complete the look of your room. However, like any type of flooring, tile floors can get worn and look dirty over time. Don’t be discouraged!

How to bring the shine to your old tiles!

Even the dirtiest and oldest tile flooring can look like new again with proper care and maintenance. Yes it is possible!

Tile flooring, like other flooring can be renewed again, if you know how. Here’s 4 ways to give your old tiles a fresh look.

  1. Go natural
  2. Use a water steamer
  3. Scour away
  4. Call in the professionals

Go natural

Make a simple, natural homemade solution. This is an environment friendly option and will save you money and can keep your tiles clean in no time.

Mix water, baking soda, lemon juice and some vinegartogether, apply the solution directly to your floor, leave it for a minute or two and scrub it away. Clean off and give a good final rinse to remove any residue.

Use a water steamer

Rent a water steamer. They are found at hardware stores and some supermarkets. A steamer can kill mildew and mould that will discolour your grout. Once the dirt is loosed up, use a brush attachment to get rid of all the dirt. You could also look at buying a steam mop.

Scour away!

For darker stains, use a mixture of water and a scouring product. Read the instruction carefully and test behind a door first. Mop the floor first before applying the solution. Gently brush using a toothbrush, this will help reduce discolouration.

Call in the professionals

The easiest way to bring your tiles back to life is to call in the professional. This will be money well spent and will really protect your investment. You can also have your grout sealed to prevent future discolouration.

Any of these solutions can make your tiles looking brand new while keeping your floor clean and hygienic.

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