How to remove carpet stains from your carpet!

carpet3Installing carpets inside your home is one of the most common additions you can ever do. Carpets make your home look “homey” and are great insulators. They are soft against your feet and provide warmth especially during the colder months. With their elegance and stylish feel, we love carpets in our homes!

Carpets are a traditional flooring that needs to be properly maintained. They are susceptible to spills, dust and stains.

It’s easier to keep your carpet clean from spills and dust. For spills dab dry with a soft cloth and then let it dry and use a vacuum cleaner for dust. But, things can be quite different for stains. If you happened to spill a glass of red wine or a plate of mouth watering food over your carpet, that’s when your carpet stains problems starts.

How to remove carpet stains from your carpet

A stained carpet is not nice to look at and depending on the stain can cause an unhealthy and  foul ordour. For this, you have to act fast and remove carpet stains immediately. Thinking of using water and detergent? Sadly, carpet stains require more than that, but don’t worry, there are ways on how you can get rid of carpet stains effectively.

To remove the stain on your carpet

  • Act immediately
  • Pat with a paper towel to remove all excess (Be careful not to spread it any further)
  • Contact a professional carpet cleaner for advice on particular stain

Beware of spot carpet cleaning products

You can find many different spot carpet cleaning products at the supermarket but please beware when using these products as most contain a bleaching agent and may cause damage to your carpet, especially coloured carpets. Home remedies can also damage the fibres of your carpet.

Seek advice from a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Carpet cleaning professionals

Does your whole carpet need a good cleaning from stains? Consider hiring professionals. They know how to remove stain properly without damaging your carpet.

Contact Country Life Carpet Care we are happy to help and if needed we can clean your carpet for you.