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How to keep your carpet smelling fresh

1The carpet you just installed look great and it smelled nice too. But as days and months pass by, your carpet starts to look dirty. You ignore it. Anyway, people will not notice it unless they look closely. Soon your carpet will starts to smell if you don’t act now. That is not healthy.

Get your carpet professionally cleaned.

How to keep your carpet smelling fresh

Once you have got your carpet cleaned here are some tips to keeping your carpet smelling fresh.

  • Regular maintenance/ vacuum
  • Lose the shoes
  • Use rugs
  • Steam clean

Regular maintenance / vacuum

The key to do this is through regular maintenance. Particulates such as dust, dirt, pet hair, and debris are trapped in your carpet. When the carpet fiber releases these particulates, it produces a foul odour. Well, worry no more! Vacuum your carpets to remove these particles

Lose the shoes

Leave your shoes at the door. A clean carpet doesn’t give off smelly odours thus it is important to minimize dust and dirt. Keep off your shoes off, your carpet and that will help to minimize the accumulated of dirt.

Use rugs

Make sure to put rugs in high traffic areas such as the front door and back door. You can keep the dirt from coming inside your home once you wipe your feet with the rugs.

Steam clean

Steam your carpet at least twice a year or when necessary. For fresh cleaning carpets, start with deep cleaning. You can choose between,

  • Renting a carpet cleaner or
  • Hire a professional cleaning company

How to keep your carpet smelling fresh

Follow these tips and keep on top you’re your housework and you will never have a smelly carpet that can cause your family to get sick. To enjoy a fresh, clean carpet and a healthy home, contact Country Life Carpet Care and get a free quote today!


3 steps on how to remove coffee stains on your carpet

coffeeNothing wakes you up in the morning like that of a nice cup of coffee.

Coffee makes you feel alive, but before caffeine does its job, you’ve spilt your coffee.

Oh,  no it’s on your carpet!

You are still half-asleep and that can lead to accidents such as spilling your coffee but don’t worry! You don’t have to say goodbye to coffee just to make sure your carpet remains clean and stain free. Coffee stain on your carpet can be removed easily – especially if you know how to do it. Whether it’s a black coffee, with milk and sugar here’s how:

Blot up the coffee stain

You can use a clean cloth or a paper towel. Blot as much as coffee of the coffee and as soon as possible. Do this until there’s no more coffee transfers onto it. Remember, blot, don’t rub.

Pour a small amount of cold water

Use another clean piece of cloth and continue to blot the coffee stain, this time add some cold water. However, make sure you don’t over saturate your carpet. You use water to dilute the coffee stain, not to spread the coffee.

Decide how you treat the stain

It’s essential to use the right carpet stain removal. Remember, different carpet requires different carpet stain removal. Some carpets are made from natural fibers such as wool. This type of carpets can be sensitive to some liquid stain removers so take a mental note on this.

To try a certain stain remover product, try it on a hidden spot on your carpet like behind the door or under furniture and see how it works. If in doubt, call a professional carpet cleaner and ask for or let them remove the coffee stain for you.

The most important thing is to act fast.

How to remove coffee stains on your carpet?

Follow these above steps and say goodbye to coffee stains but not on your favourite cup of coffee!For your carpet cleaning needs, contact Country Life Carpet Care. Ring us now and get your free quote today.


Can I still have my carpet steam cleaned in winter?

carpet cleaning by country life carpet careYou might be wondering if you can steam clean your carpet during winter. Yes, you can.

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, although weather does play a part in the drying process it is still quite ok to have your carpets steam cleaned in winter.

Do you think that the cold weather will prevent your from drying your carpet? Yes it can, but using your ceiling fan and internal heating will have your carpet dry in no time. We use hot water which helps with drying times, because we use the optimum amount of cleaning solution and the correct procedure we don’t over wet your carpet.

Steam cleaning your carpet is great in winter!

Do you realize that wintertime is one of the most convenient seasons of the year to have your carpet cleaned? Yes, you read it right.


  • Your carpet stays clean longer
  • Easy to get an appointment

Your carpet stays cleaner for a longer in winter

Contrary to what everyone believes, your carpet will stay clean in the winter for longer because you have your windows closed. Compared to summer and spring when your windows and doors are open constantly, which allows pollen, dust and other pollutants to enter your home, winter is the time when your home is completely shielded from these things.

Throughout the year so much dust, dirt and pollens have blown in or been walked into your house and have built up in your carpets, now it’s winter they trapped inside. Steam cleaning your carpet in winter is a wise idea, for your family’s health’s sake!

Generally in winter you leave your wet and dirty shoes at the door and transfer into your inside slippers or uggies, by doing this your carpets will stay cleaner even longer after they have been cleaned.

It’s easier to schedule an appointment.

In the winter, you can set up an appointment easily. While in spring, you may have to wait to have your carpets cleaned. Have your carpet cleaned this winter and avoid the rush!

Can I still have my carpet steam cleaned in winter?

Yes. Cleaning your carpet this winter is the wisest idea you can ever do. For your carpet cleaning needs, such as carpet steam cleaned, contact Country Life Carpet Care. Make an appointment now and you will have more time later to enjoy when spring comes around!