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Carpet cleaning tips that reduce dust!

carpetsDust can damage your carpet as it penetrates into the backing, causing you carpet to wear prematurely and can cause allergies to your family. Rid your carpets of dust and dirt by following these tips to keep a healthy lifestyle and clean home.

  1. Regularly sweep the flooring
  2. Vacuum the carpet
  3. Steam clean the carpet annually

Regularly sweep the flooring

A regular sweeping dust and dirt with a soft broom will help you reduce deep cleaning process. Make it a habit to clean your carpets first before you leave for work or hang out with friends. Daily carpet cleaning is a big help not just for your carpets but also for your family, minimising allergy and asthma attacks to keep you healthy all the time. Clean any spills immediately and any debris that may come in your human or pet feet.

Vacuum the carpet

To keep dust-free carpets, it is best to vacuum your carpets regularly with the right vacuum cleaner to remove deep-down dirt perfect to minimise cleaning time. Your vacuuming must have powerful suction to remove dirt, debris and sand that can be housed in your carpet. Make sure to check the suction port and hose regularly to keep its durability for longer time.

Follow the directions carefully to avoid unsatisfying results. Start from top to bottom of each surface of the room until you finish the entire area. Never forget to clean areas behind your furniture, doors and curtains to prevent build-up of damage causing dirt. Vacuum carpets in high traffic areas at least once a week and more often if needed.

Steam clean the carpet annually

Sweeping and vacuuming your carpet is never enough to remove all the dirt that finds its way into the base of your carpet. Steam cleaning your carpets to remove dust mites, allergens and bacteria. The very hot steam penetrates deeply to kill fungus, bacteria and dust mites that can be living in the base of your carpets.

Carpet cleaning tips that reduce dust

Dusty carpets are really a headache so don’t forget the 3 easy cleaning tips to have dust-free carpets all year round.

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How to get rid of carpet dents

carpet dentWinter is almost here! With nothing much to do on a cold wet day, you could turn your attention to tidying up your house. The first thing you might like to do change the position of your furniture. Placing furniture in a different area can change the entire look of your home. Standing back admiring how go the new layout looks and you see IT!

Carpet dents!

What should you do now?

Dealing with carpet dents

If your furniture sits atop your carpet, chances are, it has caused a dent onto your carpet especially if it has been there for quite a long time. Dents are much like holes – they take up space in your carpet, only, they are imitating the furniture’s bottom that used to sit on there. They don’t harm your carpet but they aren’t very nice looking at all.

Get rid of carpet dents immediately

When you move your furniture from its original position, carpet dents are inevitable but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of it. Here are 2 effective ways on how to get rid of carpet dents on your own:

Use water

Fill a spray bottle with water and lightly spray it over the dents. Use a blow dryer, set it on the hottest setting possible (do a test patch from behind the door to check it first).

DON’T USE THE HOTTEST SETTING if you have synthetic carpet. Blow some hot air on the moistened area. The heat will help the wool of your carpet rebound. Don’t forget to fluff up the carpet fibre with your fingers.

Use ice cubes

Use ice cubes in each indentation. Let it melt away. Wait for 12 hours and blot up the wet areas. Use the edge of the spoon to lift up the carpet fibre back to its original state. You can also use a hot iron. Place a cloth on the area; place the iron several inches above the cloth for 1 minute. DON’T LET THE IRON TOUCH THE CARPET, it will burn your carpet. Brush up the fibre using a coin or the edge of the spoon.

There, like magic, carpet dents is gone!

Having your carpet steam cleaned is also a great way to remove the deals from your carpet and as an added bonus you get a lovely clean carpet too. Contact Country Life Carpet Care. We offer cleaning services such as carpet carpeting, tiles, upholstery and even mattress cleaning too. Ring us now, free quote. Servicing Bunbury and the surrounding areas like Eaton, Mill Bridge, Meadow Landing, Treendale, Kingston, Australind, Dalyellup, Gelorup, Stratham.

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3 carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid!

clean carpetCleaning carpet isn’t an easy job but is it very important. Often a spill or stain on your new carpet can make you panic. Oh no! You have just bought new carpet and the money you spent on it! Don’t panic, call for a professional help, from a carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Carpet cleaning

Got a red wine spilled? A nail polish stained? Check out these articles on cleaning red wine spills and nail polish spills. Carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science, but done wrong you can make your spills worse and sometimes permanent. For spills, it really is best to call in the professionals.

Maintaining your carpet

Your carpet needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep you home fresh and healthy. Weekly vacuuming is essential and money often if needed, like your pet is shedding hair or the children have just walked in half the garden.

Here are 3 carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.

  1. Only using a deodorising powder to clean your carpet
  2. Over wetting your carpet
  3. Waiting too long to have your carpets cleaned

Mistake #1.Only using a deodorising powder

Sometimes, you are too eager make your home smell nice. Only using a deodorizing powder without cleaning your carpet is a mistake. Yes a deodorising powder can eliminate foul odours but it won’t remove the dirt dust or what is causing the smell in the first place.

Mistake #2.Over wetting your carpet

Before you use any cleaning product, be sure to read the label carefully. Make sure to do a test patch on a hidden part of your carpet. This will prevent you from making an irreversible mistake. Don’t over wet your carpet especially in winter as it will be difficult to dry and could cause the backing of your carpet to rot. Be very careful with indoor plants that they are not over watered and leave your carpet wet.

Mistake #3.Waiting too long to have your carpets cleaned

Don’t leave it too late to call in the professionals; it is false economy to hold out. Call for help as soon as possible when spills occur. If your carpet is showing sign of becoming dirty, get it cleaned. Professional cleaning will protect your carpet.

These mistakes are so common, you think they are indeed the proper way to clean. For your carpet, be careful and avoid mistakes, that way your carpets will look great and last a long time.

If you need a hand with your carpet, call in the professionals. Contact Country Life Carpet Care for your professional cleaning needs. We offer different cleaning services that include carpet cleaning, vinyl and tile floor cleaning and upholstery too. We also do mattresses. Ring us now, free quotes for you.