carpet steam cleaning

4 surprising benefits of carpet steam cleaning

before and after carpet cleaningWant to have a clean home? Clean your carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best carpet cleaning methods. Why? There are several reasons behind it.

Benefits of carpet steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective cleaning method that keeps your carpet dirt and grime free. Here are 5 benefits of using carpet steam cleaning:

  • Non toxic
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Affordable

Non toxic

Steam cleaning can kill the germs and bacterial making your carpet 99.9 percent clean without using potentially harmful chemicals. It only uses heat and water making your home chemical free.

Child and pet friendly

The non toxic nature of steam cleaning makes your home a safer environment for your children and pets. Your precious ones can get in contact directly with your carpet without worrying of chemicals that can burn their eyes, cause skin allergies or illnesses.

Perfect for allergy sufferers

Steam cleaning uses heat and water which creates a safe environment for people with allergy. It won’t trigger allergy reaction or create any respiratory problems at all.


Aside from the health benefits and its effectiveness, steam cleaning only uses water and electricity making it the cheapest carpet cleaning method. No cleaning products use, just plain water and heat. (Cleaning product may be needed on really bad stains but are included in the price)

Make your carpet ready for friends and family, get your carpets steam cleaned.

Need a professional help? Contact Country Life Carpet Care for your carpet cleaning needs. Steam cleaning carpets is our specialty we also offer other cleaning methods for you too. Ring us to get a quote or book an appointment and we’ll do the rest.

Common carpet cleaning methods

carpet cleaning by country life carpet careYour carpet looks dirty? Don’t wait for the dirt to multiply! Take some actions now, this spring, start fresh and clean! What to do? Have your carpet cleaned.

What are the ways to clean your carpet?

There are a lot of methods on how to keep your carpet clean and in top condition. The best cleaning method for your carpets depends on several factors such as:

  • What’s the carpets made of
  • If it’s been treated or not
  • Where it is placed
  • The traffic it endures

Plus, you might also consider whether anyone in the family has allergies to certain chemicals or not. Remember, different carpets need different kinds of cleaning methods. In order to keep your carpet in top shape, it is important to clean it using the right carpet cleaning methods that work best for your carpet.

Whatever your carpet is made of, treated or not, here are few of the most common carpet cleaning methods you can choose.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common method that professionals use to carpet cleaning and is suitable for most carpets. With steam cleaning you get

  • Thorough pre clean vacuum
  • Spot and stain treatment
  • Steam cleaning process

For the steam cleaning process, a pre vaccum is done, then are stains or spots are treated. Steam cleaning is where a water based cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet using a high pressure jet spray. Then an industrial vacuum cleaner is used that can work well in your carpet  to draw the dirt out of your carpet right from its base.

Professional carpet cleaning removes the dirt and grit that have accumulated in the base of your carpet that will slowly ruin your carpet if not removed. To get the full life from your carpet you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year.

Dry cleaning your carpet

The dry cleaning carpet cleaning process is similar to dry cleaning clothes where chemicals and heat are used to rid of dirt and grime build up from your carpet, then it is vacuumed off.

Foam and powder cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is used to pick up the foam which helps you get rid of dirt and the trapped soil. Another method is using a powder which acts as a cleaning agent. It is sprinkled over the carpet and then removed using a vacuum cleaner which also means, you are removing dirt and other dust in your carpet.

Steam cleaning is generally recommended for most types of carpet.

To get your carpet to be thoroughly steam cleaned, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We can clean your carpet the professional way with impressive results. Ring us now to get a free quote and discuss your needs.


Can I still have my carpet steam cleaned in winter?

carpet cleaning by country life carpet careYou might be wondering if you can steam clean your carpet during winter. Yes, you can.

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, although weather does play a part in the drying process it is still quite ok to have your carpets steam cleaned in winter.

Do you think that the cold weather will prevent your from drying your carpet? Yes it can, but using your ceiling fan and internal heating will have your carpet dry in no time. We use hot water which helps with drying times, because we use the optimum amount of cleaning solution and the correct procedure we don’t over wet your carpet.

Steam cleaning your carpet is great in winter!

Do you realize that wintertime is one of the most convenient seasons of the year to have your carpet cleaned? Yes, you read it right.


  • Your carpet stays clean longer
  • Easy to get an appointment

Your carpet stays cleaner for a longer in winter

Contrary to what everyone believes, your carpet will stay clean in the winter for longer because you have your windows closed. Compared to summer and spring when your windows and doors are open constantly, which allows pollen, dust and other pollutants to enter your home, winter is the time when your home is completely shielded from these things.

Throughout the year so much dust, dirt and pollens have blown in or been walked into your house and have built up in your carpets, now it’s winter they trapped inside. Steam cleaning your carpet in winter is a wise idea, for your family’s health’s sake!

Generally in winter you leave your wet and dirty shoes at the door and transfer into your inside slippers or uggies, by doing this your carpets will stay cleaner even longer after they have been cleaned.

It’s easier to schedule an appointment.

In the winter, you can set up an appointment easily. While in spring, you may have to wait to have your carpets cleaned. Have your carpet cleaned this winter and avoid the rush!

Can I still have my carpet steam cleaned in winter?

Yes. Cleaning your carpet this winter is the wisest idea you can ever do. For your carpet cleaning needs, such as carpet steam cleaned, contact Country Life Carpet Care. Make an appointment now and you will have more time later to enjoy when spring comes around!