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4 tips on how to keep your house clean this winter

vinyl flooringWant to keep your house clean this winter but not sure where to start? Follow these 4 tips to keep your house lovely and clean this winter.

  1. Swipe away pet hair
  2. Keep the floor dry
  3. Vacuum carpet regularly
  4. Treat spills

Swipe away pet hair

If you have pet in your house like cats and dogs you can expect to have tons of fur falls out and end up on the floor and furniture. Always maintain a clean home by swiping up the fur regularly using broom or wet cloth to prevent it from flying into the air. Pet hair can trigger allergies or cause runny nose, itchy eyes, and asthma symptoms, so remove it as soon as you see the fur.

Keep the floor dry

Prevent unwanted accidents on slippery floor by keeping your floors dry. Wet surfaces are very dangerous and can cause damage on wooden floors, carpet, and skirting boards. Keep your area dry by using clean cloth to absorb any water. When it is wet outside remove your shoes before coming in and leave the rain outside.

Vacuum carpet daily

Prevent dirt and grit becoming embedded in your carpet by regularly vacuuming the carpets. Dirt can scratch wood and vinyl floors so remove it as soon as you see it.Vacuuming your carpets will also remove allergens and make your home fresher this winter! Getting your carpets steam cleaned annually will make sure they are in tiptop condition and protect your investment.

Treat spills

Wipe up spills instantly by using paper towel to remove the excess liquid and then use only water to clean up the surface completely. Never use harsh cleaners or bleach as this may set the stain and make your problem worse.

4 tips on how to keep your house clean this winter

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Winter tips to keep your carpet clean

Clean carpets by Country Life Carpet Cleaning (CLCC)As the cooler months arrived, your family and pets will be spending more time indoors. This could make your carpet look dull and dirty. It is inevitable at this time that more dirt will be tracked in on your shoes and it can be a challenge to try to keep your carpet clean.

Here are some tips to help keep the dirt outside:

  1. Put mats at all exit doors
  2. Remove your shoes and put on your slippers
  3. Vacuum up any dirt immediately when you see it

Invest in entry mats

Investing in entry mats is a wise idea. A good entry mat will catch most of the soil that is brought in on the bottom of your shoes and would otherwise come straight into your home.

Remove your outside shoes

In winter when your shoes are wet and dirty it is best to leave them outside and then put on slippers to wear inside.

Vacuum regularly

Having dirt on your carpet is normal but if you vacuum it up immediately you can reduce the chance of it spreading into your home and through your carpets. Allowing the dirt to collect on your carpet and having it walked through your carpets can cause you serious carpet problems and increased wear and tear.

Winter tips for your carpet

These tips can help you save your carpet this winter. However, if you need to get your carpets cleaned or have a really bad stain don’t wait, call a professionally carpet cleaner now. The quicker you get stains dealt with then you will reduce the risk of the stain damaging your carpet.

Keeping your carpet clean during winter can be a real headache.  With the children playing inside and the pets staying all day indoor, keeping your home clean can be a tough job. However, when it comes to keeping your carpet clean, these winter tips will help to alleviate some of your housekeeping headaches.

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Benefits of mattress cleaning

mattressYou’ve invested in a good mattress so that you can get a good night sleep. Yes but it has been a while now so it’s time to maintain your mattress. Having your mattress cleaned has never been easier and should be done very often.

Is your mattress really clean?

Your mattress is nicely covered making it look spotless clean. As a result, you don’t feel the need to have it clean. Take a closer look!

While your mattress may look cosy and clean covered with a set of clean bed sheet, this cannot guarantee you that your mattress is clean. When you look closely, you’ll be surprised with the volume of dirt particles and dust piled up! Did you know? Your mattress is known to house the highest amount of dirt particles in your home? Not a pleasant discovery, isn’t it?

Has your mattress ever been cleaned?

How long have you had your mattress? Definitely a time for a clean.

Mattress cleaning is an effective way to secure you are using a clean, safe mattress without spending too much.

If you haven’t cleaned your mattress (or it’s been a while), now is the perfect time to do so. Having you mattress cleaned is a great idea because:

  • It helps to keep healthy indoor air quality
  • Lower allergy reactions for allergy sufferers
  • Good indoor hygiene
  • Remove dust mites
  • Removes surface dirt from your mattress

Sleeping on a clean mattress gives you a peace of mind when resting at night knowing that you are not laying your back on a mattress filled with lots of dead skin flakes and dust!

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