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How to clean and freshen up your mattress

mattressCleaning your mattress regularly is a good idea.

Did you know how many dust mites can live in your mattress?

It could be anywhere from 10,000 to 10,000,000! Its gross, isn’t it?

Dust mites can live everywhere – pillows, clothes, donnas and their favourite place is you guessed it . . . . Your mattress!

Cleaning your mattress is important

Have you clean your mattress lately?

Have you ever cleaned your mattress?

Now is the perfect time to do it, before the weather gets too cold. Vacuuming your mattress every few weeks is a good idea as it can help reduce dust mites population dramatically. Also, putting up a plastic covering on your mattress can essentially seal it but do you really want to do that? So what is the answer?

How to clean and freshen your mattress

If you want to clean and make your mattress smells fresh, here’s what you should do.

Get a 1 cup of baking soda, put it in a jar and add 4-5 drops of pure essential oil, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus are all great. Remember essential oils are very strong so only use a few drops and give it a good shake. When mixing this solution, make sure you determine how much baking powder you will need. For a larger mattress, you will need a fair amount – just make sure the solution is enough to cover the entire mattress.

When cleaning your mattress it is best to do it on a day you are washing your sheets. Remove all the beddings, wash your sheets and put your doona and blankets out in the sun as well. Pour enough baking powder mix over the surface of your mattress. Let it sit for an hour or more to draw dirt, moisture and odour.

After a few hours come back and vacuum your mattress thoroughly. Do it slowly to make sure you pull out as much debris from your mattress as possible. Baking powder doesn’t just pull out dirt and dust mites but also deodorise your mattress and the essential oil will help to leaving your mattress smelling wonderful.

Annual deep clean for your mattress

To keep your mattress in tip top condition and those horrible dust mites at bay, get a professional yearly deep clean. Country Life Carpet Careare your mattress cleaning experts and we can clean your mattress as a standalone job or while we are doing your carpets, tiles or upholstery. Protect your family’s health, call for a free quote today.

Contact Country Life Carpet Care for your cleaning needs. We offer mattress cleaning and other cleaning services such as carpet, tile and vinyl cleaning – upholstery too. Free quotes, call now on  0407 246 403.

Benefits of mattress cleaning

mattressYou’ve invested in a good mattress so that you can get a good night sleep. Yes but it has been a while now so it’s time to maintain your mattress. Having your mattress cleaned has never been easier and should be done very often.

Is your mattress really clean?

Your mattress is nicely covered making it look spotless clean. As a result, you don’t feel the need to have it clean. Take a closer look!

While your mattress may look cosy and clean covered with a set of clean bed sheet, this cannot guarantee you that your mattress is clean. When you look closely, you’ll be surprised with the volume of dirt particles and dust piled up! Did you know? Your mattress is known to house the highest amount of dirt particles in your home? Not a pleasant discovery, isn’t it?

Has your mattress ever been cleaned?

How long have you had your mattress? Definitely a time for a clean.

Mattress cleaning is an effective way to secure you are using a clean, safe mattress without spending too much.

If you haven’t cleaned your mattress (or it’s been a while), now is the perfect time to do so. Having you mattress cleaned is a great idea because:

  • It helps to keep healthy indoor air quality
  • Lower allergy reactions for allergy sufferers
  • Good indoor hygiene
  • Remove dust mites
  • Removes surface dirt from your mattress

Sleeping on a clean mattress gives you a peace of mind when resting at night knowing that you are not laying your back on a mattress filled with lots of dead skin flakes and dust!

Need to book a mattress clean, contact Country Life Carpet Care for your cleaning services. We are your cleaning buddy; we’ll help you clean your mattress for that good night sleep you are longing! Ring us now for a free quote.