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Winter tips to keep your carpet clean

Clean carpets by Country Life Carpet Cleaning (CLCC)As the cooler months arrived, your family and pets will be spending more time indoors. This could make your carpet look dull and dirty. It is inevitable at this time that more dirt will be tracked in on your shoes and it can be a challenge to try to keep your carpet clean.

Here are some tips to help keep the dirt outside:

  1. Put mats at all exit doors
  2. Remove your shoes and put on your slippers
  3. Vacuum up any dirt immediately when you see it

Invest in entry mats

Investing in entry mats is a wise idea. A good entry mat will catch most of the soil that is brought in on the bottom of your shoes and would otherwise come straight into your home.

Remove your outside shoes

In winter when your shoes are wet and dirty it is best to leave them outside and then put on slippers to wear inside.

Vacuum regularly

Having dirt on your carpet is normal but if you vacuum it up immediately you can reduce the chance of it spreading into your home and through your carpets. Allowing the dirt to collect on your carpet and having it walked through your carpets can cause you serious carpet problems and increased wear and tear.

Winter tips for your carpet

These tips can help you save your carpet this winter. However, if you need to get your carpets cleaned or have a really bad stain don’t wait, call a professionally carpet cleaner now. The quicker you get stains dealt with then you will reduce the risk of the stain damaging your carpet.

Keeping your carpet clean during winter can be a real headache.  With the children playing inside and the pets staying all day indoor, keeping your home clean can be a tough job. However, when it comes to keeping your carpet clean, these winter tips will help to alleviate some of your housekeeping headaches.

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3 Dog Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here are some common problems with having your dog inside and how to deal with them.doggy

  • Dog Hair Build Up
  • Pet Urine
  • Deodorising Treatment

Carpet cleaning tips for living with your dog.

  1. Dog hair and fur cause problems in your carpets if allowed to build up. Frequently vacuum your carpets, especially where your dog sleeps and spends most of his time. If you do not remove the fur it will build up in the pile of the carpet, this becomes a big problem because it then can not be removed by carpet cleaning alone. Having an annual deep steam clean will also prevent build up where your domestic vacuum cleaner can’t reach into the pile of your carpet. If the hair and fur is not removed it will wear away your carpets, causing them to age prematurely.
  1. Don’t ignore pet urine as even though it looks dry, it can stay wet under your carpet and into the underlay which can cause a lot of damage. You need to mop up pet urine as soon as possible so it doesn’t soak into your carpet. Blot up with a paper towel as much as you can then clean with cold water. If this is more than a one off accident, you really need to call a professional carpet cleaner to make you’re there is no ongoing damage to your carpets, underlay or the floor boards under the carpet.
  1. Having a dog in the house will cause your carpet to smell over time. The real problem is you won’t smell it, but your guests will. Having a deodorising treatment applied to your carpet is the perfect solution, this can be done with your carpet clean and will neutralise any objectionable odours.

You can have your dog and carpets too, just follow these few simple tips and everyone will live happily together.

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Why carpet cleaning is important?

before and after carpet cleaningAs soon as the wind starts to get warm and the sun begins to peek out, spring cleaning begins. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather and the great outdoors. As you get ready to invite guests to your home, it’s time for some spring cleaning done.

Start with cleaning your carpet

After winter, the springtime weather lets you open your doors and windows and let in a little fresh air. Over winter dust and dirt accumulate inside, being brought in on your shoes, clothes and pets. These particles end up being deposited on your carpet. A good vacuum will remove most of the surface dirt and dust, but over time it will fall to the base of your carpet, which is hard to remove with your domestic vacuum cleaner. To keep your carpet in tip top condition you really need to get it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Why clean your carpet?

You know that a carpet is a great addition to your home. It is more than just a functional item, it

  • Make our home look nice
  • Keeps your cold floor warm
  • Add a decorative element to your décor
  • Is nice to walk on in bare feet

It’s more comfortable to watch your favourite TV show or sit in the floor while feeling the soft and warm fibre of your carpet in your toes, isn’t it? However, you really want your carpet to be clean too.

Your carpet needs to be clean regularly to keep it in good condition and get the full life of your investment.

Regular carpet cleaning is a must to prevent health problems

Bacteria and dust mites can live in dirty carpets and they can trigger some health issues and allergies. Cleaning your carpet can remove these unwanted bacteria and other dirt that resides in your carpet is essential

Your carpet is expensive

You spend a few hundred dollars on your carpet, so why shorten its life by letting it get dirty or stained? Don’t let dirt and dust ruin your lovely investment. Maintain your carpet’s look and quality by cleaning it regularly.

Having your carpets cleaned professionally will increase the life of your carpet and put your mind at ease.

Spring cleaning your carpet, book your professional carpet clean with Country Life Carpet Care, your local professional in Bunbury and surrounds. We can clean your carpet for you and that is one thing off your spring cleaning list. We also do tiles, vinyl floors and upholstery cleaning so why not get a free quote then you will really be ready for spring.