professional upholstery cleaners

Why it’s best to hire professional upholstery cleaners?

upholstery2When it comes to cleaning your home, you are hands on with it – meaning, you want to do the cleaning by yourself to ensure that everything, including the hidden spaces are thoroughly clean. DIY cleaning is a good idea – it’s a money saver and well, it’s good to exercise those muscles away!

However, when it comes to your upholstery furniture, don’t you think it’s a bit risky to clean it on your own? When you have doubts, call in some professional cleaners.

Professional cleaners can help you

When your upholstery gets really dirty, it’s time to have it cleaned! Don’t let dirty upholstery ruin your day or the appearance of your entire home, have it clean by professional. Now that spring is coming, you’ll never know what will happen next – could be a party or a get together with family and friends. Make sure your home look it’s cleanest by keeping your upholstery clean.

Reasons why it’s a good idea to hire professional cleaners?

For tough stains and really dirty upholstery, no one can clean it like professionals can do. They trained to know to deal with many different types of stains and what they are plus they have the experience. Here are some great reasons why it’s best to hirea professional upholstery cleaner:

The colour factor

Some colours and fabrics can fade or bleed when not properly clean. When it happens, the damage can be irreversible which means, you only have two options left – add a slipcover onto it or replace the entire furniture piece, could be an expensive mistake. Good thing, professional upholstery cleaners can deal with stains and dirt while keeping your upholstery colour safe.

Know thy fabric

Different fabrics require different types of cleaning method. Do you know that? For instance, you cannot use water on a fabric with wool blend because it can cause the fabric to shrink. Play it safe, have your upholstery clean by the professionals, quick easy and you will be surprised how affordable it is.

Chemical warning

Not all cleaning solutions are suitable to all types of fabric. Unless you are an expert cleaner, you’ll never know which chemicals and solutions are safe to use. On the other hand, professional cleaners are trained and equipped with the right knowledge on which cleaning solution will work best with your upholstery.

Why it’s best to hire professional upholstery cleaners?

Professional upholstery cleaners are trained to treat and clean upholstery – even the dirtiest ones. They have been cleaning upholstery for years which makes them the best at what they do. They don’t just clean; they also make sure your upholstery is safe while ensuring the best possible outcome. Why take the chances by doing it yourself? Let the professionals do what they do best.

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Clean your upholstered furniture in 4 easy steps

3Spring is here and everything feels like new, time to have a look inside your home. Has though winter snuggle ups taken a toll on your furniture?

A spill here, stains there, time to do a spring cleaning of your upholstered furniture.

During winter, your upholstered furniture might accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Winter cleaning is a good thing, but for most of us, we’d rather want to lie down cosy up in the warmth or the heater or fire, than to get up and clean our upholstered furniture.

Clean your upholstered furniture in 4 easy steps

Ok, lets start by spring cleaning your upholstered furniture naturally. Here’s how you can clean your upholstered furniture and make them fresh again and ready for the long sunny days ahead; whether you are planning to host a party or just have a company with some good friends.

Step 1.Pour baking soda all over your furniture. You’ll be surprised to know that some cleaning solutions can be found right in your kitchen! Leave the baking soda for half an hour up to one hour. This will pull out any odours that have settled in your furniture. Don’t worry! Baking soda will not damage your carpet or your flooring at all, just vacuum it up.

Step 2.Vacuum all the baking soda. Make sure you get all the baking soda. You might need to change the bag in your vacuum cleaner so do that whenever it is full.

Step 3. Whip a ½ cup of detergent with a tablespoon of water. Whip until very frothy until it becomes a big bowl filled with bubbles.

Step 4. Rub a layer of the solution. Rub the solution to your upholstered furniture. You may create more depending on how much furniture you want to clean. Remember to wipe the suds off with a damp cloth, don’t over wet your furniture.

There you go. Good to go till next spring… maybe. Follow these steps, keep your furniture clean for spring, and make your home feel like new!

Too hard or do you have some bad stains?

If you want some help with cleaning your upholstered furniture, contact Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC). We can give you advice on how to clean your furniture or can do the cleaning for you. Professional upholstery cleaning can revitalize your furniture and bring them back to life. Call CLCC for all your upholstery and floor cleaning needs.

When to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service?

Country Life Carpet CareIf your upholstery furniture is getting more than just grubby, it’s time for a really good clean but how? You have 2 options:

  • Do the cleaning on your own,
  • Or hire a professional cleaner?

Your choice will be often be determined by how dirty  your upholstery furniture is and how much cleaning it is going to take to get it looking like new again.

If you do the cleaning on your own, you can save your money since you will not be paying for any service charge at all but you could also make things worse if you don’t know what you are doing. Remember, cleaning your upholstery furniture can be a challenging task and if you don’t want to risk damaging your upholstery, so if you are not sure or haven’t done it before, it may be best to leave the job on professional cleaners.

Professional cleaners do the job for you

The main reason why you want to do the cleaning job is because of your budget; however, that can often be a false economy. By hiring professional cleaners will get the best results available and they can even offer a protective coating to help save your furniture from getting so dirty in the future. Yes, there are times when cleaning your own upholstery can work, mainly if your furniture is not too dirty. For other times it really is best to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service, they can save you money in the long run. Definitely hire them on these occasions:

  • When your upholstery is really dirty
  • You don’t have the time to DIY
  • Or you want to get the best results

If the upholstery is very dirty

If there are many stains that you can’t remove, it’s best to have it professionally clean rather than trying to remove it and damaging the fabric in the process. Some spot cleaners have bleach in them and will actually cause more damage than good on your fabrics.

You don’t have the time

Too busy with your work, family or life in general? If your upholstery furniture is getting really dirty, it’s one of those jobs on your long list that you just don’t seem to get too then it’s time to call in the professionals. The professional cleaner will have your furniture all cleaned in no time preventing those stains from damaging your furniture and that will be one more thing off your list and you can get on with things you enjoy doing.

Do you want to get the best results?

Professional cleaners have the right tools, equipment, knowledge and know how to clean your upholstery furniture properly. They can deal with even the most sensitive type of fabric with stains; as a result, you will get clean upholstery that will brighten up your home.

Looking for professional cleaners? Contact Country Life Carpet Care, ring us now for free quotes!