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Why do my tiles look dirty even after I have just cleaned them?

clean tilesTiles are a great flooring choice as they require little maintenance to keep its durability for longer years. Just mix a little amount of vinegar and water as your cleaner then gently rub it on the tile surface, fast and easy; perfect to save you time and money.

However, some tiles are hard to clean as they are not cleaned regularly or easily get dirty after cleaning. These causes can leave your tiles looking dirty even after you have cleaned them so it is time to call in the professional tile cleaners.

There are 3 things that make tile cleaning hard for you:

  1. Grout residue
  2. Soap scum
  3. Chemical marks

Grout residue

After your tiles have been laid and grouted, the grout must be left to set. Once the grout is set the grout residue needs to be buffed off your tiles to make sure no grout haze is left. If the grout reside was not remove after the tiles were laid your tiles will never look really clean. If you grout has not been sealed it can also trap dirt making it hard for you to wash the dirt away as when the tile is dry, the cycle continues all over again. Time to call in a professional tile cleaner!

Soap scum

Soap or detergent can build up on your tiles and trap dirt. Using soapy cleaners only makes the effect worse and cause a build-up of dirt, making the tiles look drab. Pour a small amount of water on a tile surface then gently scrub itto check for any suds.

Follow these tips for tile cleaning:

  1. Use proper neutral cleaner
  2. Avoid chemical cleaner

Use proper cleaner

Use a neutral tile and grout cleaner to remove dirt and any detergent build-up on tile surface. Make sure to follow the directions then rinse thoroughly to avoid having the same problem.

Avoid chemical cleaner

Avoid harsh chemical cleaners as they can wreck the surface of your tiles causing even more damage.

My tiles always look dirty even after I have just cleaned them!

Call in a tile cleaning professional, call Country Life Carpet Care on 1800 246 404 or 0407 246 403 to discuss your tile cleaning needs. We can clean your tiles and then seal your grout making it much easier for you to keep your tiles clean and looking great for much longer. Book an appointment now!

Common tile cleaning mistakes you should avoid!

tilesYou tiles are looking grubby and it is time to clean them. Where to start?

Here are some things to avoid to make sure your tiles look the best for as long as they can. Remember that some tile cleaning mistakes can cause irreversible damage, read on to avoid these mistakes.

Common tile cleaning mistakes you should know!

  1. Excessive scrubbing
  2. Too much cleaner
  3. Using the wrong product
  4. Not acting quickly

Mistake 1.

Excessive scrubbing, scrubbing too much will wreck the surface of your tiles over time. You may think that the harder you scrub on your tile floor, the better the result will be. This is a big mistake! When you scrub too much, you can damage your tile floor in the process creating cracks and scratches in your tiles and ruin your grout.

Mistake 2.

Too much cleaner. The more products you use on your tile floor, the more you then have to remove it again. More cleaner means cleaner floor doesn’t mean a cleaner floor it means more work for you. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only use the recommended amount – plus, it will save you money too!

Mistake 3.

Using the wrong product. Before you start using a cleaner, read the instructions and make sure it is the right cleaner for your type of tiles. Test the cleaner in a small patch behind a door, sink or toilet to make sure it doesn’t damage or harm your tile flooring. At Country Life Carpet Care we recommend a neutral cleaner, contact us for more details.

Mistake 4.

Not acting quickly. The longer you let the dirt, stain or damage sit on your tile floors, the harder these problems will be to fix. Act quickly on stains and damage so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your tile floor.

Common tile cleaning mistakes you should avoid!

Sometime no matter how hard you try your tile floors still look dirty. Then it is time to call in a professional tile cleaner. Contact Country Life Carpet Care for your cleaning needs.

Country Life Carpet Care are your tile and carpet professionals, we offer floor cleaning services for people in Bunbury and the surrounds. Ring us now for no obligation quotes.

How to keep feet marks off your tile floor?

tile floorTile floors look awesome. They are shiny, often come in white or light colours and look just beautiful. Their glossy appearance makes your home elegant stylish and modern looking. However, your tile floor will not look their best when they fall victim of stains, grime and feet marks!

Feet marks on your tile floor?

Mostly, you ignore feet marks as they seemed a common fixture on your tile floor. However, when there are too many and when it starts to make your tile floor ugly, it’s time to put a stop on it. Cleaning feet marks can be easy relatively easily compared to getting rid of stains but why clean when you can prevent it from happening?

After all, didn’t they say prevention is always better than cure? So, before feet marks appear, before people starts tracking in outside dirt, here are some great ways to keep the dirty feet marks off your tile floor.

Put down a rug

When put a strategic placed rug, people can wipe their feet off before entering. It will trap the dirt and lessen the chances of feet marks all over your tile floor. Plus, floor rugs come in different colours! You can add life and brightness to your home with colourful rugs.

Use the right cleaner

When foot marks are there, don’t let them stay on your tile floor. Clean them up with warm soapy water and then a rinse of just plain warm water and dry thoroughly. You will instantly remove any foot prints and make your tile floor look spotless again.

Have a shoe rack

A shoe rack at the entryway will signal your guests to take off their shoes before entering. That way, you don’t have to deal with shoe marks on your floor plus the possibility of dirt scratching your tile floor.

Do these things and you can make your tile floor look shiny, beautiful any time, all the time!

For your floor cleaning needs, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We are your cleaning buddies servicing in Bunbury and the surrounds. We offer cleaning services for different areas such as your tile flooring, carpets, upholstery and mattresses too. Ring us now, free quotes for you.

How to avoid these common tile floor cleaning mistakes?

kitchen tilesYour floor tiles are one of the most expensive purchases you have ever made. However, it is also the most neglected part of your home. Probably because your floor is way out of sight and below your eye line but this doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are the lists of most common tile floor cleaning mistakes:

  • Leaving spills sit on tile floor for too long
  • Attempting to clean tiles with excessive scrubbing and harsh chemicals
  • Using the wrong tool when vacuuming
  • Incorrect mopping techniques
  • Over wetting the tiles

These cleaning mistakes are more common than you might think and if done regularly can ruin your tile floors.

Clean tile floors

Having a clean tile floor makes your home look fresh and inviting. It also makes your home a cleaner and healthier place to live. However, you have to take note that daily wear and tear can make your tile look tired over time. In order to keep your tiles looking new, you have to invest some time into regular cleaning.

Tile floor cleaning mistakes

Keeping your tile clean is pretty easy, provided that you know how to clean them the right way. Yes, there is a proper way to clean your tile floor in order to achieve quality results. Remember, incorrect cleaning methods can lead to further problems and even cause damage to your tiles.

Avoid these common mistakesby:

  • Always mopping up any spills immediately they occur.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or excessive scrubbing on any tile surfaces
  • When vacuuming always use the tool that is designed for hard surfaces.
  • Use correct mopping techniques
  • Don’t ever over wet your tiles, if unsure dry mop immediately after mopping to remove any excess water

If you have excessively dirty tiles it is best to get professional advice. If unsure about how to clean your tile floor, contact a professional and let them do the cleaning for you.

Annual professional cleaning is recommended to keep them in tip top condition and bring your tile floor back to their former shine. Contact Country Life Carpet Care, we are your tile cleaning professionals in Bunbury and we will travel to surrounding areas. We offer cleaning services that can include grout sealing, tile floor cleaning, carpet, upholstery and even mattresses too. Ring us now and we’ll come to your place.

How to put the shine back into your old tile floor!

tilesSparkling tiles! You just love them. Lovely clean looking tiles will make your home shine brighter and it feels like everything inside is simply gorgeous and dazzling.

Love your tiles?

Tile flooring is great. Tiles come in different colours and are low maintenance which makes them the top choice of many homeowners. It’s easy to love tile flooring especially when they are sparkling new and laid out in beautiful patterns. They can really complete the look of your room. However, like any type of flooring, tile floors can get worn and look dirty over time. Don’t be discouraged!

How to bring the shine to your old tiles!

Even the dirtiest and oldest tile flooring can look like new again with proper care and maintenance. Yes it is possible!

Tile flooring, like other flooring can be renewed again, if you know how. Here’s 4 ways to give your old tiles a fresh look.

  1. Go natural
  2. Use a water steamer
  3. Scour away
  4. Call in the professionals

Go natural

Make a simple, natural homemade solution. This is an environment friendly option and will save you money and can keep your tiles clean in no time.

Mix water, baking soda, lemon juice and some vinegartogether, apply the solution directly to your floor, leave it for a minute or two and scrub it away. Clean off and give a good final rinse to remove any residue.

Use a water steamer

Rent a water steamer. They are found at hardware stores and some supermarkets. A steamer can kill mildew and mould that will discolour your grout. Once the dirt is loosed up, use a brush attachment to get rid of all the dirt. You could also look at buying a steam mop.

Scour away!

For darker stains, use a mixture of water and a scouring product. Read the instruction carefully and test behind a door first. Mop the floor first before applying the solution. Gently brush using a toothbrush, this will help reduce discolouration.

Call in the professionals

The easiest way to bring your tiles back to life is to call in the professional. This will be money well spent and will really protect your investment. You can also have your grout sealed to prevent future discolouration.

Any of these solutions can make your tiles looking brand new while keeping your floor clean and hygienic.

If you need professional help with stubborn tile stains, contact Country Life Carpet Care. We offer tile cleaning service along with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning mattresses and grout sealing. We service around Bunbury, Busselton, Harvey, Collie, Capel and the surrounds. Ring Country Life Carpet Care now for a free quote.

How to clean up an oil spill from your tile floor

Clean tiles by Country Life Carpet Cleaning (CLCC)Your kitchen is one of the busiest places inside your home and because of this, it is also the one place where most of the dirt and spills are expected. It is your tile floor that suffers the most.

Your tile floor makes your home stylish and elegant looking.  With its shine and appeal, your tile floor deserves to be clean. A clean tile floor will make your home stunning and definitely will make your kitchen attractive.

Oil spills in your tile floor?

Tile floor can catch dirt and dust easily. When in kitchen, the most common spills are from food, fat and oil. You’ll be cooking and experimenting inside your kitchen so it’s just normal to have fat or oil splatters and spills every now and then. The key here is to learn how to clean up an oil spill from your tile floor as soon as it happens.

Here’s how to clean oil spill from your tile floor:

  • Using paper towels carefully blot up any oil from your floor. Make sure you blot as much oil as possible, use multiple paper towels if you need too.
  • Sprinkle the area with oil spill with corn flour, oatmeal or bicarb. Allow it to sit for several minutes.
  • Sweep up the corn flour starch or oatmeal corn flour, oatmeal or bicarb, be sure to sweep everything up.
  • Sprinkle again another corn flour, oatmeal or bicarb if needed until all oil is absorbed.

If the spill is very large you will need to leave it over night before sweeping it up the next morning and you’ll be surprised to see how clean your tile floor is. Now your tile floor is as good as new, with no oil soaked in your tile grout. Keep your tile floor shiny, clean oil spill immediately.

Remember the best protection for your grout is to have it sealed and that will prevent it from getting stained.

How to clean up an oil spill from your tile floor

Need help? Do you have a tough stain on your tiles or are they just looking their best? Country Life Carpet Care can clean your tiles and grout, we can also seal your grout to prevent it being damaged. Country Life Carpet Care offers different cleaning services including tile floor cleaning, grout sealing, carpet cleaning, vinyl clean, upholstery and mattresses too. Ring us now to discuss your needs today, all quotes are free.

How to spring clean your tile floors

Clean TilesAs the weather gets warmer and spring is here so time for a cleanup. When spring cleaning, it’s a wise to start with one area at a time. Today’s mission is to clean your floor tiles.

Cleaning floor tiles

When thinking of cleaning your floors, don’t forget your tiles. Having a clean and sparkling floor tile can improve the look and feel of your whole home. Now that spring is here, spring cleaning your home is important. You’ll never know when your friends drop in and the party season is here. Always be ready for times like this, start spring cleaning your tile floors!

Floor tiles are great and beautiful. They add a touch of elegance to your home, especially when they are sparklingly clean. Work on making your floor tiles shining and shimmering with cleanliness. Spring is already here? No problem! It’s never too late to spring clean your tile floors.

Here are some supplies you will need:

  • Vacuum
  • Nylon pan scraper
  • Mop
  • Floor cleaner

Now you are ready to start, here’s what to do:

  • Sweep your floor tiles. This will remove the dust, dirt and other debris found on your floor. Better yet, pull out the vacuum and suck it up! It makes cleaning easier!
  • Next, remove sticky substances, if there are any, by carefully using your nylon pan scraper.
  • Finally, mop with your favourite floor cleaner, make sure it is a natural one because harsh bleaches and chemicals can wreck the surface of your tile and grout. If in doubt, do a test spot behind the door first and remember to read the instructions on the cleaner.  Get down on your knees so you can really see if there are remaining dirt on your tile floor. You can also use a cleaner that is suggested by the professional in order to protect your tile floors.

Follow the steps carefully. Each step will get you closer to a cleaner, shinier home just perfect for the spring season!

Don’t have the time to do the cleaning on your own? Grout is still looking dirty even after a good scrub? Domestic cleaning will not always get all the dirt and stains off, especially if it has been a while since your floors were cleaned well.

There is help!

Call Country Life Carpet Care, we offer a professional tile clean, carpet cleaning, upholstering cleaning and vinyl floor cleaning service. We’ll make your gorgeous tile, shiny and sparkle again and we can even seal your grout to a long lasting finish. Ring us now and we’ll spring clean your floor tiles for you!