Tile cleaning breathes new life into your tiles.

Tile cleaning and grout cleaners at Country Life Carpet Care (CLCC) are your local professional tile cleaners. We offer a prompt, reliable tile cleaning and grout cleaning service for your home.
Tiles - Before and after tile cleaning

Restoration of The Original Colour of Your Grout and Enhanced Stone Colour

Our tile cleaning and grout cleaning system cleans your tiles and grout with amazing results.

  • Keep your tiles looking like new
  • Walk on the tiles straight after cleaning
  • Superior results
  • Protect your tile investment

Tiled floors need regular maintenance to keep them looking at their best. We can remove the dirt and grime that builds up from the grout joints and on the surface of your tiles where it can hide, (textured tiles in particular can hide a lot of dirt), our 3 step process really does give stunning results.

Sealing Grout

If your grout is not sealed, the grout lines can become permanently discoloured. Sealing grout lines will reduce your grout cleaning frequency, prevent them becoming discoloured and stained plus make your mopping efforts far easier and more effective. Let CLCC achieve outstanding results by restoring your floor or wall grout lines without having to replace the grout.

Polished Bench Tops

Don’t forget your bench tops, CLCC can also renew the shine and restore the original beauty to these surfaces with our advanced cleaning techniques.

If you are looking for an exceptional tile and grout cleaning and sealing service, call us today on 0487 009 447 or .


South West Shower Repairs
specialises in fixing leaking shower recesses with our own “Shower Fixing Solution”
There is NO need to remove tiles, we can fix your shower and it can be used 24 hours after the repair
Your shower will be fixed by a fully trained technician.

  • Showers fixed in a relatively short time.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Permanent fix.

Give Russell Horlin a call on 0429 991 699 for an obligation free quote.

or click here to visit South West Shower Repairs’ website.

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